Dr. James Murphy Helping Reno, Nevada Clients Understand Their Breast Augmentation Surgery Options

Reno, NV-based board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. James E. Murphy is now inviting patients to learn more about the benefits of breast augmentation surgery.

Reno, NV, September 05, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Dr. Murphy is offering consultations to patients across Northern Nevada to ensure all women have access to professional advice as well as the skill of a leading surgeon for their cosmetic requirements.

Breast augmentation surgery, while common in the United States, is still misunderstood by the wider population. Some are under the misapprehension that the surgery is too expensive or too specialized to be available in their area. It’s a surgical option that is now widely available to women across Nevada. However, in beginning the pre-treatment process, it’s important to speak with a specialist with a proven ability and years of experience completing effective breast augmentations. Bringing over a decade of experience to his surgical work, Dr. James E. Murphy is a leader within his field.

Dr. Murphy offers comprehensive consultations to each new patient that visits his Reno, Nevada offices. During his consultations, he invites patients to discuss their questions and concerns regarding the potential procedure. Many patients have concerns regarding the recuperation period for breast augmentation surgery. The entire team at Murphy Plastic Surgery work together to ensure a seamless recovery for each of the patients in their care, and this team work ethic is highlighted within their results. The vast majority of patients are able to return to their regular routine in just a few weeks.

Dr. Murphy also uses his consultations to explain the entire surgical process while highlighting the success of previous patients. For example, he will guide patients through their various implant options, which include sub-glandular placement and sub-muscular placement. He will also discuss with patients the various types of incision used within breast augmentation surgery, to ensure each patient achieves a sense of autonomy and flexibility when making their surgical choices. This comprehensive consultation process has helped Dr. Murphy has become known as one of the most professional and successful plastic surgeons serving the Northern Nevada community.

To learn more about Murphy Plastic Surgery and the clinic’s breast augmentation treatment services, please contact their offices directly or visit their clinic website directly at www.nnpsa.com.
Tracy Murphy