New York Author Releases First Book in the Mary Jo Melendez Mystery Series - "Muddlin’ Through"

New York author, Steven M. Moore is pleased to announce the release of his new suspenseful mystery, "Muddlin' Through." This is the first book in Moore’s new Mary Jo Melendez Mystery series.

New York, NY, September 05, 2014 --( Mary Jo is framed. Mary Jo wants revenge. Mary Jo settles for something less, but finds herself...and romance.

Ex-Master-at-Arms Mary Jo Melendez, trying to restart her life after the Navy, becomes a security officer for a company with Pentagon contracts. Her upward mobility takes a fast downward turn. You can follow her adventures as she hurtles around Europe, South America, and the U.S. This book is cross-genre, having elements of mystery, suspense, and thriller. The author believes that Mary Jo is like Heinlein's Friday or Jolie's Salt, only better, because she's more human.

Book Details:
Muddlin' Through
By Steven M. Moore
Publisher: Carrick Publishing
Published: August 31, 2014
Genre: Suspense, Mystery, Crime Thriller

Mr. Moore is also the author of the "Detectives Chen" and "Castilblanco Mystery Series." Books in this series include: "The Midas Bomb" (AISN: B00495XSYC, ISBN: 978-0741456311), "Angels Need Not Apply" (ASIN: B007JMB5B0), "Teeter-Totter" "Between Lust and Murder' (ASIN: B00CRJXDKQ) and "Aristocrats and Assassins" (ISBN: 978-1927114797, ASIN: B00IX0B9NG)

About The Author:
Steven M. Moore has written fourteen novels and two anthologies that cover the mystery, thriller, suspense, and sci-fi genres, many crossing over in genres in order to entertain the reader even more. He has three series and writes book reviews too. He and his wife live in the NYC area, the setting for many of his books…when he’s not in the solar system and beyond.

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