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Dallas, TX, September 06, 2014 --( Antera Software USA has unveiled the first release of a newly designed and developed web store for the promotional products industry. These unique web stores allow corporate companies to provide products to their employees using award points or credit cards. The web stores are built to our customer’s specifications and can be customized to any business.

The system provides the ability to offer unlimited products organized by category and sub category, and the functionality for multiple characteristics per product. The admin has the ability to focus featured products on the homepage and can use other modules like recently ordered, most popular, best selling, etc… for tailoring the site to the customers preference. Products have a variety of fields associated with them to allow for all possible variations and provide the needed details for shipping calculation and customization. Additional charges can be added to items for large sizes or add-on features.

Company administrators can award points to employees for use on the store, or the stores can be standard currency based. A user can even have the option of using their existing points and making up the balance with currency. The stores manage price breaks for larger quantities purchased. Shipping is auto calculated and integration with allows for seamless financial processing.

Antera has developed a large number of templates to choose from and the user the ability to customize any of the core templates to come up with their own unique style and look. The stores are social media ready and a user can share, pin or like products on the stores.

Special features have been built into the system and can be enabled or disabled at the direction of the administrator. Hover Zoom allows the user to see an enlarged view of any of the products by simply hovering over it. Power Purchase will allow groups to purchase products up to a specific date and group the discounts together to maximize purchasing power. The system has been designed for non-technical users to manage and control. The simplicity of administering the site is a tremendous advancement for the promotional products industry.

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