New Doud Publishing Offers Co-Authoring Opportunities to Aspiring Authors

For aspiring authors who either lack writing skills, or are insecure about their skills, Doud Publishing will consider co-authoring with them. Besides getting help with wording and suggestions to add interesting content to the book, the new author can get started with no upfront expense.

Rockford, IL, September 06, 2014 --( Royalties will be split 50/50 between Doud Publishing and the co-author who has entered into a contract with us, with a small percentage deducted from the co-owners portion, until their half of the costs, such as copyright fees and advertising costs have been covered. Doud Publishing will file the copyright as co-author and co-owner of the rights. Doud Publishing will prepare the necessary files, and publish the work, through online publishing resources. As royalties are received by Doud Publishing, the co-author can opt to be paid their share almost instantly, via transfer to a prepaid card from

The co-author will be kept informed and provided with regular reports. All pricing and publishing options will be discussed with the co-author, throughout the entire process.

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