Tulsa Children's/Youth Evangelist Claims Bible was Never Removed from America's Public Schools

Atlanta, GA, October 28, 2007 --(PR.com)-- In his new book, "How Are You Doing That?," Bob Heath of Kids for Christ USA says that the Bible was never removed from public schools. According to Heath, "Only mandatory Bible reading and prayer were disallowed from public schools after Madelyn Murray O'Hare's challenge went to the Supreme Court." In his book Heath shares the results of his own personal research of these precedents in great detail. "I consider it to be the biggest and farthest reaching lie in the last 44 years. If you believe the spin both in churches and media you'd believe that the Bible has been banned, but that simply isn't so," says Heath. The truth is that voluntary prayer and Bible reading are completely legal in America's public schools.

The organization KFCUSA assists students and parents to plant and sustain Bible Clubs in the public elementary and junior high schools across the USA. KFCUSA was formed by Heath in January of 2001 and assists more than 60 public school Bible clubs in cities all across America. Specifically, they work with groups in California, Oklahoma, Texas, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Iowa, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia. The goal of KFCUSA and Heath's book is to inspire student and parents of all ages to launch Bible clubs in all of America's over 60,000 public schools.

This book is meant to be the ultimate resource for launching Bible clubs in America's schools. If it's testimonies that inspire you, there is a section for you. Maybe you want to understand how this is legal, it's in the book, and if you feel you need curriculum as a guide, it's in the book.

"Robert Heath brings his readers along on the journey of establishing student Bible Clubs through Kids for Christ USA. In the process he has created a "how to" handbook for a successful school campus outreach overflowing with creative ideas. This book is a must read for anyone wanting to impact youth on our public school campuses.

"Now more than anytime in the history of this great nation, our public schools are a mission field ripe for the harvest. The sharing of our faith in the public sector is legal in our nation and it is required in His Kingdom." -- Finn Laursen, Executive Director, Christian Educators

For more information on the e-book click," How Are You Doing That?" and for the ministry, click KFCUSA.

Kids for Christ
Marc Laseter