Aika Trading Successfully Hosts the Grand-Opening of Their European-Import Bicycle Shop

Santa Monica, CA, September 08, 2014 --( Many European countries, particularly Denmark and the Netherlands, are commonly known for their biking culture that has been a growing fad for over a century. Now, Los Angeles, the city that created drive-ups, drive-ins, and drive-throughs, is slowly beginning to follow the European trend. As more and more companies are moving into the city to accommodate young Los Angeles professionals, the city is growing into a bustling urban area where work and entertainment go hand in hand harmoniously. Aika Trading ( recommends that individuals who are living and/or working in Los Angeles consider cycling as an alternative transportation method in their daily lives. On Saturday August 16th, Aika Trading hosted their grand opening where they presented a wide range of European bicycles. Throughout the day, there were numerous opportunities for customers to ride a range of urban European bicycles in order to see their distinct advantages.

Bicycles not only provide a greener method of transportation than cars, but they have also proven time and time again to offer economic benefits for businesses. Most obviously, cyclists reduce traffic and take up very little space in parking lots. In addition, due to the affordability of cycling, cyclists have more disposable income and are more likely to visit shop fronts and spend more money than car drivers.

Unfortunately, there are still car-oriented individuals who are firm in their opposition towards cycling and although there are plenty of bicycle stores in Los Angeles already, they are not tailoring their products for the new urban biker. Aika Trading is a unique company because they import European bicycling products that are low maintenance, comfortable, safe, durable, and able to carry a heavy load. Popular brands that are stocked at Aika Trading include the Royal Dutch Gazelle (the original Dutch cycle); the Yepp (award-winning front and rear child seats); the Erenpreiss (handcrafted from Latvia); Sandwichbikes (build it yourself wooden bicycle); and the EGG (a sport’s helmet for kids to hit the market in November).

About Aika Trading
Aika Trading is a bicycle and bicycle accessory importing and distribution company that began when Anne-Marij Berendsen moved with her family from the Netherlands to the U.S. in 2008. In the Netherlands, cycling is a popular method of transportation because of their bike friendly infrastructure, public policy, geography, and laws. As a result, the Dutch have been able to develop practical and innovative bicycles and equipment, and this is exactly what Anne-Marij Berendsen brought with her when she started Aika Trading. Over the years, Aika Trading has expanded to import and distribute a large line of quality European-designed products to people throughout North America and recently started a retail location as well in Santa Monica.
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