Sensorcon Announces New Calibration Options for Single Gas Monitors

An overview of calibration solutions, including new calibration kits for use with the Sensorcon family of hand-held and wearable carbon monoxide (CO) and Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) monitors.

Buffalo, NY, September 09, 2014 --( Sensorcon today announced the availability of calibration kits and gases for their Inspector Series of portable CO and H2S gas monitors. This adds a new option for their expanding customer base to maintain equipment in the field through calibration and bump testing. Previously, Sensorcon offered a calibration service through their online ordering on their website. This addition also allows for large deployments of units without having to send them back to Sensorcon for factory calibration.

With regulations, both in industry mandates and internal company policy, becoming more and more dynamic, allowing an organization to conduct their own in field bump tests and calibrations is a necessity. The new calibration kits will contain everything necessary to properly maintain an Inspector series hand-held: Disposable gas cylinders, tubing, and the proper regulator to perform these operations.

“With the new offering, we're showing our commitment to businesses large and small, as well as concerned individuals,” stated Kevin Webster, VP of Sales and Marketing for Sensorcon. “Now, fleet deployments can be completely managed to corporate requirements and policy in the field, and smaller businesses and individuals can send the units back to Sensorcon for maintenance and calibration if they don't want to do it themselves. It adds value to owning our products.”

Further information, and product details can be found at, or by contacting Kevin Webster: 716-566-2728 or

About Sensorcon: Sensorcon is an American manufacturer of sensor products, including the Sensordrone, and Carbon Monoxide & Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) versions of the Inspector Series portable gas detectors, headquartered in Buffalo, NY. Sensorcon has been serving the Oil and Gas, HVAC, First Responder, Agricultural industries for 10 years, as well as individual consumers interested in environmental monitoring and safety.
Kevin Webster