New Company Whazatt™ Creates Chicken Foot USB Flash Drive and Shows That Technology Can Have a Sense of Humor

New company Whazatt™ creates USB flash drive that marries technology, function and fun.

Wilton, CT, October 28, 2007 --( A new product has hit the market that is designed to be functional and funky at the same time: A normal USB Flash Drive that is shaped like a chicken’s foot, scaly, yellow with claws and all. It is a truly unique and innovative take on a technological must-have that will change the way you think about normally drab tech products.

The USB makes one wonder why technology always has to lack aesthetic, is always steeped in grays and silvers, and has little style. The Chicken Foot USB Flash Drive turns that idea on its head, marrying a technological product that virtually everyone has with an absurd look. The idea is to make the consumer stop, look and have a bit of a laugh at the absurdity of a chicken’s foot sticking out of a laptop or PC, because lets face it—sometimes the world is a bit too serious.

As Vice President Roy Barker states, “This is an opportunity to make the extraordinary out of the ordinary—to be creative and functional at the same time. We love this product for the simple fact that it can make people walking by stop, turn their head and have a laugh.”

Additionally, the Chicken’s Foot USB Flash Drive features simple, portable, personal storage in die-cast housing and an ABS plastic body as well as a high reading and writing speed. The flash drive is competitively priced at $44.95 and holds 1GB of space, compatible with both Mac and PC formats.

What’s Whazatt™? Whazatt™ is a new company to create the unexpected, something that makes you say, “What’s that?” That’s Whazatt™! New and innovative company Whazatt™ has made it their mission to come up with surprising, unusual and funky products that make consumers take a second look. Visit for a current list of Whazatt’s products.

Roy Barker
Vice President
Phone: (203) 563-0210

Whazatt, Inc.
Roy Barker