Retail Realm to Release Its Latest Utilities Suite – RR RMS Utilities V17 – on September 11, 2014

Following the highly successful v16, RR RMS Utilities Version 17 includes a raft of new features, over 100 minor bug fixes and code enhancements as well as a roll-up of Version 16 fixes. Underlining its commitment to the Retail SMB / RMS space, Retail Realm continues to develop and support the RMS platform.

Napa, CA, September 09, 2014 --( RR RMS Utilities v17 includes several key Retail Realm Add-ons that have been migrated into the Utilities framework making for easier deployment, compatibility and on-going maintenance as well as adding value. This enables the Reseller network to offer their client base additional feature functions and continued support.

RR RMS Utilities v17 includes out of the box:

Item Component Sync Utility

If you add, remove or change the quantity of items in Assembly components at Utility HQ or change the quantity or add/remove Kit items, this RR utility now enables these modifications to be synched to a Store(s).

Task Pad Utility

Filling a gap in Microsoft RMS this Retail Realm utility is a great time saver, permitting the export of Taskpads to be imported at other stores – cutting implementation time and costs.

RR Touch

The RR Touch module provides a rich touch-screen experience at POS for a variety of retail verticals. Its highly configurable layout designer enables the retailer to release custom layouts to one or multiple registers. All key-functions end users are familiar with on Microsoft RMS POS are available on the RR Touch interface but are supplemented by a plethora of functionalities devised to improve the way transactions are handled.

RR Touch features include:

§ Single or Fast mode item selection
§ Fast toggle between Add or Remove mode to add and remove items from the RMS POS transaction screen.
§ Create static, dynamic, drilldown type menu buttons.
§ Consolidate item quantity at Microsoft RMS POS.
§ Set item quantity limit for transaction at Microsoft RMS POS.
§ Select Item by scan, menu and items buttons or from menu (Similar to Lookup: F2 in Microsoft RMS POS).
§ Hold a transaction - then access it from any register using the “Follow Me” feature.
§ Works both in Store Alone and HQ controlled Store environments.
§ Export/Import layout, keypads, number-pads in HQ Controlled Store environments.
§ Powerful developer features – SQL “code behind” buttons

For the full list of functionalities consult the RR RMS Utilities Version 17 Manual.

Weights and Measures

The standard Weighed item functionality that RMS offers has been enhanced to deliver higher throughputs at POS, again with rich functionality that makes handling weighed items a breeze!

Retail Realm has added:

§ Ability to set globally the unit convention used, i.e. Metric, or imperial
§ Ability to define the unit of measure on a register by register basis, e.g. some registers can be connected to a scale in “kg” whilst others weigh in grams.
§ Item / department / category wise selection of Unit of Measure and register cross checking
§ Concept of “Pre-defined Tares”, e.g. no more keying in tare weights for regular cartons, cups, boxes, trays you sell your weighed items in - one click selects the tare used
§ Concept of “Open” tare – where this can be keyed in e.g. when the customer brings their own container
§ New receipt formats – better support for weighed items
§ Enhanced support for Line/Pole display
§ Support for Weight-embedded bar codes

Retail Realm Utilities 17 / RR Touch is certified by the Australian Government National Measurement Institute - Certificate # PS603.

Customer Price Matrix (CPM)

In certain retail environments special prices are offered to individual customers or groups of customers. CPM permits the calculation and application of these special prices based on a variety of parameters. Creating the price matrix is simple, offers greater flexibility and practically an unlimited number of price levels (compared with the 3 Microsoft RMS price levels to which users were previously restricted) and can be created at back office (HQ) or POS.

Archive Utility

“Microsoft Dynamics RMS Store Operations” and “Microsoft Dynamics RMS Headquarters” do not have an inbuilt method for archiving data from the existing database. Retail Realm’s archive utility addresses this shortcoming. RR Archive exports, compacts and reduces the size of the active database whilst keeping an archive of the old data for reporting/audit purposes.

And remember:
Version 17 includes many features from version 16, including:
e-Receipts, Gift Loyalty, accounts receivable, advanced Purchase Order Planning, Invoice matching and more!

All the enhancements and features in the RR RMS Utilities Version 17 are available free to the end user who remains on a Microsoft support plan (BREP or BRAP) obtained through Retail Realm.

See what’s new in RR RMS Utilities V17 in a 2-part, webinar launch series:
September 11th & 18th, 2014 at 09:00PST.
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