Have a Problem? No Problem. Problem-NoProblem Set to Open Doors

New York, NY, September 10, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Problem-NoProblem, LLC has announced that their website www.Problem-NoProblem.com will open their doors this fall. Managing Member and owner, Autumn Aponte, has declared that, “PnP is like no other digital file sharing site that the World Wide Web has seen. Our website is easy, interactive, and friendly. It's what's missing in file sharing and we can't wait to fill the void.”

The site is an online market for purchasing and selling digital content/files – docs, presentations, photos, videos, etc.

The site's members are known as "Buddies" and the site itself is known as the "neighborhood". Here, "Buddies" are encouraged to assist each other in solving problems (what one may need as far as a digital file).

Problem Solving "Buddies" have the potential earn income in the "neighborhood" if they open a "store." Anyone who has a problem can be a Solution Seeker and anyone with expertise can be a Problem Solver.

Problem-NoProblem (PnP) is offering an invitation to join for free as there are no membership fees. Some services include the unlimited use of their free public Problem and Solution Boards as well as an interactive forum to engage and inform “buddies” about what's happening around the “neighborhood.”

Problem-NoProblem is excited to have provided the blueprint for a great online neighborhood. Now they are depending on their new “Buddies” to build it up their way.

The launch for the mobile version of the website will be coming soon as well.

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Problem-NoProblem, LLC
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