TraceGains News Explores Transparency Packaging for Food Manufacturers

Westminster, CO, September 11, 2014 --( In the current TraceGains’ newsletter, Industry Insider, transparent packaging was discussed. Packaging is at the top of the wish list for food and beverage companies that sell their products in bottles or jars, particularly those wishing to convey attributes like freshness, close-to-homemade flavor and premium quality.

An interview with industry expert, Bill Michels, CPSM, CPM, MCIPS explored supplier relationship management in the newsletter as well. Michels discussed supplier relationship management, focusing on suppliers, and managing the supplier relationship. Michels, President, ISM Services, a specialty training and consulting company that focuses on procurement and supply chain management.

The newsletter talked about frequency of reported China food safety problems. High-profile reports of food safety problems at suppliers to McDonald’s, KFC, and Heinz in China this month might lead to food manufacturers to think food safety conditions in the country are worsening. Yet an increase in the discovery of food safety threats may also be a sign that public health offices and organizations are making progress in detecting problems.

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