Red Lounge Casino Conducts a Roulette Customer Survey

Red Lounge Casino conducted a survey among its customers to highlight the online Roulette features which are valued by gamblers.

United Kingdom, United Kingdom, February 17, 2008 --( In October 2007, Red Lounge Casino – which is powered by Cantor Gaming – conducted a survey among its customers to discover the preferences of online Roulette players.

The survey consisted of several multiple-choice and open-ended questions as well a section for recommendations and further comments. It was aimed at gathering some first-hand knowledge of customer preferences in a sector where tastes change quickly and new categories of players emerge rapidly.

The survey comprised a total of 110 Red Lounge clients. Several features of online Roulette games were highlighted as the ones that players seek out. For most Roulette players (87%), high payouts were pointed out as the biggest priority when choosing the appropriate version of online Roulette – most of them emphasized added features and promotions as a must and claimed that they never chose to play conventional Roulette games. 70% also mentioned special and bonus features or promotions, and for 35% fast gambling pace is essential for an enjoyable Roulette game. 42% also emphasized the importance of game graphics and interface.

The unique Bonus Roulette game available at Red Lounge Casino was highly ranked by all participants in the survey. The game has a special bonus feature which pays out every time a player gets 5 Reds in a row, whether or not they have actually bet on Red. This widely-liked rule significantly increases gamblers’ chances of winning. The Bonus Roulette offers 35 to 1 payoffs for hitting a single number and a generous bonus. Game play is fast-paced and allows players to focus on the excitement of gambling by providing a list of pre-determined bets which allow players to place sophisticated wagers quickly. Red Lounge also offers a Single Zero Roulette game with many favorable features. Both games feature superb 3D designs.

Red Lounge Casino, which is one of the most popular online casinos in the UK. Apart from a rich variety of games and generous promotions, the casino is also famous with its outstanding customer support – its London-based customer care team is available to customers at all times and can easily be reached by phone, video conferencing, or e-mail. Response is prompt and efficient, resulting in high customer retention and quickly increasing popularity.

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