ChoozZer: the App to Make the Right Choices and Quick Decisions

ChoozZer is a unique application that lets you ask and answer anything. It is the most useful application especially to find out opinions of your friends or public in general. From choosing a proper product to your personal questions, others suggestion matter a lot to help you overcome the hassle.

Krasnoyarsk, Russia, September 12, 2014 --( A tool designed to answer all your queries and qualms about the almost anything - ChoozZer a social networking app was released on the 18th of July, 2014 to help people make quick decisions and choose the right products. The app leverages social media in its purest form bringing out people’s opinions and choices to help users make quick and informed decisions.

It works as a question answer platform where users can ask questions regarding anything and supply an option of answers for others to vote for. The app then calculates the votes and displays trending answers.

Like any other Social networking app, Choozzer also requires users to first register and open an account. Users can then add friends and advisers to their account. The platform lets users connect with other users and actively participate in the various queries asked by different individuals.

The app lets its users ask questions in three different ways:

Multi Text Choice: This format allows the user to ask questions and supply two or four options as answers. The audience will have to choose an option they want to side with.
Yes /No Questions: This format enables users to ask questions that have either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ as answers. Choozzer captures all the answers and displays the trending choice.
Multi Image Questions: These follow a similar format as that of multi-text questions. These questions let the asker supply images as answer options. Here the audience will have to choose the image they wish to favor.

The app also lets the user choose the audience they wish to quiz. The asker can either pose a question at the Friends category or the World. All the user has to do is select either the Friends or World button, depending on which category they want to share the question with. Questions asked to a particular category cannot be seen by the other. If the user wishes to ask both categories he/she would have to share the question with both the categories.

ChoozZer also offers an interesting feature; it lets users quiz their destiny and find out what luck has in store for them. All the user has to do is hit the go button, and ChoozZer would perform a few calculations and return a random answer.

This social networking app also awards badges to its users to encourage their presence and activity on the network. Various badges are awarded based on the user’s participation, questions asked, and answers approved by the asker. The app also integrates with other networking apps like Facebook and Twitter.

ChoozZer aims at taking social media in its raw form directly to its users. It works as an ideal platform to pass on information about products and services through ‘word of mouth.’ The team at ChoozZer hopes to help people make quick decisions and the right choices using this dynamic app.
Nikolay Grab