Debut Novelist Writes Cross-Genre Novel at Martial Arts School While Recovering from Back Injury

Novelist Paul Lell has just released his first Science Fiction Fantasy novel after writing it almost entirely at the Westminster Mile High Karate school. This novel is the first in a series of five, all with a martial arts flare.

Westminster, CO, October 29, 2007 --( Fresh novelist Paul Lell has raised the bar for busy fathers by writing, and editing, the first book in a series while sitting on the bench, recovering from a minor back injury (which was unrelated to the martial arts program) at the dojo and publishing it on, the online marketplace for digital content.

Rather than sitting on the bench while his two boys were still studying Tae Kwon Do, Paul jumped at the opportunity to use the time more productively. His 436-page novel, ‘The First Key of Kalijor’ came together quickly in the company of other martial arts parents and students.

“We keep the bar high because people rise to meet the challenge.” Commented Amanda Christensen, the owner of the Mile High Karate school where Paul and his children study. “If you want to get something done, give it to someone who is busy.” She remarks in closing.

The book took six months to write, spending evenings and Saturdays on the side-line at the school, and there was ample encouragement from the other parents and students throughout the process. “Writing it was the easy part.” Remarks Mr. Lell. “Giving it to my wife for editing, now that is stressful,” he smiles as he comments. “She has a BA in English and reads voraciously so I was very lucky to have her as a resource. Editing services can be pretty outrageous.”

This book is to be the first in a five-volume series and there are several related short stories and an entire encyclopedia of information available at the book’s supporting web site,

The book is available now at major online retailers such as Barnes & Nobel, Borders, and and from Mr. Lell’s Lulu storefront at, “It isn’t meant to be a weighty philosophical piece,” remarks Mr. Lell. “Rather, I mean to entertain with a fun, Sci-Fi Fantasy story. If anyone learns anything along the way, then so much the better.”

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Paul Lell lives in Westminster, Colorado, USA and works in telecommunications as a technical trainer. He can be reached via email at and his book ‘The First Key of Kalijor’ is available at
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Paul Lell
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