Tax Defense Network (TDN) Skyrockets Past 500 BBB Reviews with a 97% Positive Rating

While some companies struggle to maintain a healthy relationship with their consumer base, Tax Defense Network is seeing a client satisfaction milestone: they have reached their 500th positive review on the Better Business Bureau website.

Jacksonville, FL, September 13, 2014 --( 500th positive review on the Better Business Bureau website.

“This simply reminds us of everyone we’ve been able to help. The fact that each of these clients was pleased with our performance is gratifying to say the least,” commented Joe Valinho, President of Tax Defense Network.

TDN has worked hard to earn a reputation for being a tax resolution company that clients can trust, particularly in the wake of competitors’ struggles to stay afloat. Taxpayers who have done their research have learned that Tax Defense Network is both thorough and straight-forward, commodities not to be taken for granted in the current economic climate. Achieving a landmark number of success stories with the Better Business Bureau only reinforces TDN’s commitment to their clients’ complete satisfaction.

The company has been honing a concept known as “The Ideal Client Experience”, or ICE. The philosophy behind ICE is twofold: provide clients with practical, tailor-made solutions while never putting profits ahead of people. The Ideal Client Experience is coupled with another company doctrine, which focuses on ensuring taxpayers are fully informed with realistic expectations – or FIRE. TDN believes that clients should know precisely what services they’re getting and understand how they’ll apply to their specific situation.

There’s also been overwhelming support for TDN as a result of some basic company policies enjoyed by all clients. First, Tax Defense Network has no retainer fees. The company stands behind flat, consistent pricing for each of their services. Next, TDN has an outstanding refund policy, guaranteeing that any client discrepancy will be resolved to completion. Finally, the company offers a “no pressure agreement”, providing a three day window for any client who decides not to move forward with his or her case. This policy was designed specifically for both convenience and peace of mind.

“There should never be an instance where a client walks away feeling uncomfortable or confused with the services we’ve provided,” affirmed the company’s President, “and we feel that our standing with the Better Business Bureau reflects that.” Tax Defense Network enjoys not only a remarkably high number of positive client assessments, but also an A+ rating – notoriously the most difficult to obtain. With an ever growing client base and a steadily increasing number of client approvals, Tax Defense Network seems primed to become the #1 tax resolution company in the country. In the meantime? Mr. Valinho has made it TDN’s mission to hit 1000 positive reviews by the end of the year: “We’re just getting warmed up. We’ll hit our next milestone before the end of 2014.”

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Tax Defense Network is a national tax resolution company with headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida. Its team of licensed tax professionals, enrolled agents and CPAs, Helps taxpayers with their IRS and state tax issues.

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