IMpasto Animation Studios Posts "Good Gracious Fallacious! Adventures in Logical Fallacies," Its First Educational Animated Short

IMpasto Animation Studios releases its newest short animation, this time an educational piece.

Colorado Springs, CO, September 16, 2014 --( IMpasto Animation Studios has just completed its latest animated short, "Good Gracious Fallacious! Adventures in Logical Fallacies" Episode 1.

This video explains the first fallacy in the list, the "Black & White" fallacy, otherwise known as "Either-Or" or "False Dilemma."

The presenter of the fallacy claims that there are only two choices, when there are really more than two. Example: "Either we cut school funding, or we remain in a deficit and we can't handle the deficit."

IMpasto Animation Studios strives to be both entertaining and unique, and this video is certainly unique. From its title to its scripting to its animation style and presentation, there is literally nothing else like it on youtube or anywhere else in the world.

IMpasto would like to make this into a series, but that's going to take some support, and the best way the public can support it is to increase its views, comments, shares and likes. IMpasto would be most grateful to its viewers who enjoy the show, like it, and share it with their friends.

Future steps for the next parts of the series include re-recording the "Good Gracious Fallacious" intro with a professional artist, writing the next scripts, and of course making the remaining parts of the series. The series would include between six and nine additional parts, ranging from "Circular Reasoning" to "Slippery Slope" to "Sweeping Generalizations."

Each episode requires about three days of attention, so the entire series could be completed in 30-45 days.

Mr. Ian Alexander Hanson co-founded IMpasto with his business partner Michael Peloquin and began doing business in 2013. They got the name from combining the first two letters of their names. Impasto is a painting technique with paint laid thickly on the canvas, an appropriate name for this group because of the expressive as well as the inventive style they have set out to define.

Their calling card is "The IMpasto Difference," meaning that they strive for excellence and the personal touch with every client they work for.

Currently IMpasto's bread and butter is youtube "Explainer" and "Promo" videos, but IMpasto plans to grow over the next 5-10 years into making animated features films.

Ian Hanson taught English and Technology in public and international schools for nine years, and he has studied animation under Pixar and Dreamworks animators at Animation Mentor. Michael Peloquin is a former lawyer and now a successful entrepreneur.

"Good Gracious! Fallacious" can be found here:

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