Bellamy Diamonds Celebrates the Arrival of NENOIR

A very unique diamond brand is launched in Richmond-Hill

Richmond Hill, Canada, October 30, 2007 --( Bellamy Diamonds, Toronto’s specialty diamond dealer, is proud to be a distributor of NENOIR™, a primary brand of Canadamark™.

Started in 2006 by Antwerp-based Marjan Diamonds – a diamond manufacturer founded in 1963 – NENOIR™ has had sensational commercial success in the UK. And now, Richmond Hill-based Bellamy Diamonds will bring this Canadian treasure home.

“Not a lot of people know that Canada is the third largest diamond producing nation by quantity.” said Simon Wong, CEO of Bellamy Diamonds. “And the quality of our stones is amongst the best in the world. We, as Canadians, should be very proud.”

Although Canadian diamonds are currently being offered in most jewellery stores, NENOIR™ diamonds come with something extra.

Each NENOIR™ diamond is accompanied by a complete life biography, which starts at the mines of Canada's Northwest Territories and ends with the consumer; the first private owner.(FPO™) This tracking system guarantees the diamond has reached the consumer by a direct and transparent route.
NENOIR also offers the opportunity to register the diamond, with a personal message of dedication for your beloved.

“Today’s changing trends in consumer behavior leave retailers with tough choices,” Alain Biesterveld, brand manager of NENOIR™, said. “It’s our task to identify and monitor these changes and to provide our partners with unique selling propositions to set them apart from their competitors.”

Unlike any other conventional jewellery stores, Bellamy Diamonds uses one-on-one consultative approach when introducing their product to consumers. “We’re not a ‘Show and Sell’ type of company.” Simon Wong explained. “Diamonds is our business and we take it seriously. We want to make sure we fully understand our customers’ needs before we make our recommendations. We believe that’s very important.”


About Bellamy Diamonds
Bellamy Diamonds is a specialty diamond dealer that put the focus on educating the information the customer about diamonds. Using a unique one on one consultation, Bellamy Diamonds ensure the customer get exactly what they want within their budget. Visit the website at

About Nenoir
Started in 2006 by Marjan Diamonds NV of Antwerp Belgium, this CanadaMark™ band is the first to offer a First Private Ower (FPO™) certificate that guarantees the diamond’s first private owner that the diamond she process is a first-hand diamond, brought directly from the mine. Visit NENOIR at
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