Independent Health Insurance Agents Set to March on Capitol Hill

Washington, DC, September 17, 2014 --( With the 2015 healthcare marketplace open enrollment period just around the corner, independent health insurance agents are seeking a seat at the table in the United States Congress. Planned for September 24th, a march on Capitol Hill has been organized by Health Agents for America (HAFA), the bi-partisan association for Independent, Non-Captive Insurance Agents. The event is part of this year’s Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress.

“We will have Agents from across the Nation going together to March on Capitol Hill,” said Ronnell Nolan, President of HAFA. “Our members represent and protect consumers and they and they should be allowed to do their jobs without undo government interference.”

HAFA, which was created in 2010 to educate agents and consumers about the Affordable Care Act, is joining with the Healthcare Reform Center & Policy Institute (HCRCPI) to ensure that the independent insurance agent does not get lost in the scramble to cover every American under the ACA.

The Health Care Reform and Policy Institute is run by national healthcare reform leaders and experts from both the public and private sectors. HCRCPI provides research and creates insight and education through the publication of white papers, webinars, workbooks, and toolkits with a mission to convey utmost transparency. The HCRCPI holds quarterly conference calls to discuss the Healthcare Reform law and to provide insight and guidance into new rules and regulations provided by the US Government. This is their first time collaborating with HAFA in a major public demonstration.
Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress
Jennifer Dodson