AST Enzymes, the World’s Leading Manufacturer of Serrapeptase, Has Developed the World’s Strongest Serrapeptase

Chino, CA, September 19, 2014 --( AST Enzymes has launched the world’s strongest Serrapeptase at 130K SU per capsule. AST Enzymes is the leading manufacturer of Serrapetase and is constantly striving to produce the very best competitive product! AST Enzymes' website includes a product comparison page that evaluates their product with comparable companies. Serrapeptase has become a major player in alternative health. “Time” Magazine recently stated that the silent killer of Americans living in the United States is inflammation, emphasizing the lethal potential of unregulated inflammation. Inflammation is our body’s defense mechanism against intruders (such as: bacteria, viruses, pathogens) and injuries; however, unregulated inflammation results in adverse reactions such as excess pain and scarring. When our body is injured, for instance, a minor cut to the surface of the skin, our immune system recruits cells to destroy and remove any intruders that enter through the wound in attempt to prevent infection and disease. When this occurs, the individual would experience a warm sensation at the site of the open wound, followed by swelling, which are all responses to our body attempting to recover. To clot the wound, our body forms a chain of fibrin. Fibrin is an excellent anticoagulant but anything in excess could be detrimental by forming scar tissue.

Serrapeptase; along with anti-inflammatory properties, also exhibits proteolytic and fibrinolytic characteristics by digesting excess proteins and fibrin that our body no longer needs. Our immune system is designed to defend our bodies from simple bacteria to complex malignant cells, however, the older that we become, the less efficient our body becomes. Serrapeptase not only removes excess debris from our body but as a result allowing our body’s strongest line of defense, the immune system, to work at its optimal level. Serrapeptase will give your body the advantage of self-recovery without the dangerous adverse reactions that are associated with NSAIDs.

Researchers have suggested that Serrapeptase has become a powerful alternative to NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) such as aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxen, to address general pain and inflammation. Many people are accustomed to reaching for NSAIDs because they’re convinced that they’re superior but without much acknowledgement, use them without considering the side effects that come along with these popular drugs. In 1998, the “American Journal of Medicine” published an important article regarding the dangers of these drugs. In the article, the author states that over 100,000 people are annually admitted to the hospital with Gastrointestinal and metabolic issues, along with over 15,000 deaths that can be attributed to the dangers of NSAIDs.

Serrapeptase is a powerful and potent product that is also considered suitable for vegetarian and vegans. AST Enzymes pride themselves at producing a vegetarian and vegan suitable product not only to cater to a larger customer base and demographic but also because several studies suggest that vegetarian enzymes are superior in regards to efficacy. These studies suggest that vegetarian based enzymes are superior because they are activated much sooner in the body, whereas animal sourced enzymes require a dramatic change in pH to be activated. AST Enzymes also enterically coats their enzymes to ensure that enzymes are not degraded before they have reached the small intestine. An enteric coated product is much more stable and therefore a stronger product than gel capsules or tablets. With that being said, AST Enzymes’ Serrapeptase is not only the strongest but by design and careful formulation, arguably the very best the market has to offer.
AST Enzymes
Luis Giraldy