Reality Show Casting Call for Amateur and Professional MMA Fighters

The newly formed MMA fight entertainment production firm, Batalla MMA Fight Entertainment, has announced that it will begin recruiting MMA fighters for an upcoming TV reality show being filmed in Spain.

New York, NY, September 20, 2014 --( Batalla MMA Fight Entertainment, a MMA event and production TV company based in Barcelona, Spain, announced that it will being scouting amateur and professional mixed martial art fighters for its upcoming reality TV show, Ultimate Battle of the Combatants. The show will being taping in early 2015 throughout Europe.

The show is based on the lives of 16 male MMA fighters who will train, live and compete together and against each other for the ultimate grand cash prize of €20,000.

"We are looking for fighters from all walks of life. The general MMA image is mainly associated with tattooed street tough fighters," said Mark Lugo, Executive Producer of the reality TV show. "The fact is that urban, suburban, business professionals and even the typical soccer mom could be a MMA fighter today," he added.

Batalla MMA wants to build a MMA brand that is more family friendly and promotes the sport in a positive manner. The show will maintain a focus on team building, positive thinking and leadership. Our fight event companies have built strong brands, but have overlooked a large portion of the true MMA market.

Lugo (Six 2 Forty Television) has a pretty good understanding of the MMA and fight market in the USA and Latin American markets. In 2005, he worked briefly with Puerto Rican championship boxer Miguel Cotto. In 2007, he co-produced the reality TV show El Gran Peleador in Costa Rica, a MMA TV reality show with a similar concept. The show was scheduled to air on ESPN Deportes but after an internal disagreement between the co-producers the show never aired.

Seven years later, Lugo is back with Batalla MMA with a stronger concept, strong partners and strong brand partners. Now is a great time for MMA events and TV. The Ultimate Battle of the Combatants will bring MMA home in a positive light.
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