Blackhole Films Announces Development of Grandpa’s Pyscho

Vernon, CT, September 20, 2014 --( Blackhole Films is proud to announce the development of its newest feature film, titled Grandpa’s Pyscho. A gritty thriller, Grandpa’s Pyscho examines the duality of the human condition through the eyes of a deeply disturbed patriarch. Grandpa’s Pyscho artfully illustrates the burden of a deranged psyche, while masterfully displaying the impact our personalities have on the ones we love.

Following the death of his wife, the protagonist, chillingly referred to as ‘Grandpa Murray’, feels a divine command to redeem those who have lost their relationship with the lord. Grandpa Murray dutifully carries out his task by kidnapping and torturing ill-mannered women until they accept god into their lives. Murray’s perverse actions often coincide with periodic visits from his family, begging the question, “How much do Grandpa Murray’s relatives know about his misdeeds?” Grandpa’s Pyscho provides an exceptional portrayal of sin, spliced with intermittent spurts of heart-warming morality. By coupling distinct characters with a unique plot, Grandpa’s Pyscho creates a gripping story that will surely resonate with all types of moviegoers.

Grandpa’s Pyscho is the feature film adaptation of Award-Winning director Danny LeGare’s short film, Visiting Grandpa. LeGare will write, produce, and direct the project, assisted by renowned cinematographer George Lyon (Visiting Grandpa, A Cool Dark Place, Sacandaga). Veteran producers Heather Quick (Visiting Grandpa, Keep the Lights on, How to Be a Man) and Dave Gere (Pinwheel, Buddy Hutchins) will join LeGare for this project. LeGare has stated that he is “pleased to work with such a dynamic partners” and is “thrilled by the idea of transforming his short film into a feature.”

Grandpa’s Pyscho is currently in pre-production and is set to begin shooting in November 2014.

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