Kiran Gems Bestowed with 6 Sarin Awards for Being the Fastest Growing Company & Highest Numbers of Machinery

New York, NY, September 21, 2014 --( Kiran Gems, the world’s largest manufacturer of diamonds, has been awarded in 6 categories for having the “Highest Number of Machinery” & “Fastest Growing Company” by Sarin Technologies. Kiran Gems conceded 5 awards in a row for the “Highest Number of Machinery” category and 1 special award as mentioned below:

1. Most Number of Planner Machines – Stand 1st Position
2. Most number of Nano/XL Machines – Stand 1st Position
3. Most number of Galaxy/Solaris – Stand 1st Position
4. Most number of Workstations – Stand 2nd Position
5. Most number of Machines under AMC – Stand 2nd Position
6. Special Award to Mr. Vallabhbhai Patel, The Chairman of Kiran Gems, recognized for the “Fastest Growing Company.”

His years of experience towards the rough diamond procurement, manufacturing techniques, and skilled craftsmanship has given the company the known shape.

Kiran Gems manufacturers 5.6 million carats of rough annually. Kiran plans and marks every single stone using Sarin machines to get the maximum yield & productivity. The company is a dominant manufacturer from 0.005 carats to 3 carats & above and sells its quality product across the world. Quality control across a such wide range and volume are the highest priority subject for the company. Kiran Gems is proud to maintain the technology leadership in the industry. It helps to capture the best value for the company and pass on the best value to customers as well.

Kiran Gems sells polished diamonds to more than 3,200 customers in 30 countries through its offices in India, Belgium, China, Hong Kong, the UAE and the US. Kiran has always driven ample amount of fruitful resources and new technology around the world to produce higher numbers of diamonds in the industry. Kiran Gems focuses on innovative technologies to generate higher yield, better product quality and enhanced productivity.
Kiran Gems
Swaroop Biswas