Monsoon, the Product Development Firm, Announces Launch of Marketing Division, RainFactory

Monsoon launches RainFactory to carry out research, advertising and analytics for its startup and Fortune 500 clients.

Oakland, CA, September 24, 2014 --( Monsoon, the ‘product people’ behind mobile and web applications that make businesses thrive, is announcing the launch of RainFactory, a division dedicated to technical marketing. RainFactory launched in summer 2014, and features a 12-member team including media specialists, project managers, strategists, designers and developers. RainFactory has already completed two multi-million dollar crowdfunding campaigns for SKULLY Helmets and The JIBO Robot. RainFactory expands Monsoon into a one-stop shop incorporating development, design, strategy and marketing, thus allowing clients to take the guesswork out of the success of their product.

Since its launch in 2001, Monsoon has been bringing together the pieces of the product puzzle, creating a team that brings strategy, design and development together as a holistic approach to product launch and design. Monsoon acts as an all-inclusive firm, getting ideas off of the whiteboard and into the hands of users across the globe. Working with a variety of clients from startups to Fortune 500 companies, Monsoon builds products with both technological innovation and practical application.

With the support and resources from Monsoon, RainFactory specializes in online customer acquisition and execution, including the orchestration of crowdfunding campaigns. Crowdfunding makes it possible for clients to build an audience while developing the product, and RainFactory makes this opportunity more accessible. With fundraising innovations like crowdfunding, product development and customer development can happen concurrently, building awareness and brand recognition months before a product’s official launch.

“We started RainFactory because marketing is an integral part of product development,” says Sandeep Sood, the founder and CEO of Monsoon. “There is no longer a clear distinction between product development and marketing. They should be two tightly integrated sides of the same coin. With RainFactory, we combine deep design and technical experience with marketing chops, making us at the forefront of technical marketing. There is no longer any excuse for marketing to be unpredictable.”

Since its inception in May 2014, RainFactory has implemented crowdfunding campaigns for two of Monsoon’s most recognized clients, SKULLY and JIBO, raising over $2 million for each product. Both SKULLY and JIBO are currently among the top 10 most funded Indiegogo campaigns of all time. By specializing in web and mobile commerce, campaign strategy and management, and user research, RainFactory will take the brand awareness created through crowdfunding into the next phase of the product’s development and eventual launch, succeeding in the market before they’ve officially gone on sale.

The addition of RainFactory is out of necessity, as product design and marketing are now more integrated than ever. Outside of their expertise in product development and design, Monsoon is now able to expand and create a department that focuses just on marketing, to grow and open new markets not only for themselves, but for clients as well.

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About Monsoon
Monsoon is a development firm that conceptualizes, designs, and markets mobile and web applications that make businesses thrive. Self-proclaimed ‘product people’, Monsoon is a close group of strategists, developers and designers committed to taking ideas from the whiteboard and into the hands of consumers across the globe. Specializing in strategy and execution, Monsoon also includes its own newly launched marketing division, RainFactory, which focuses on customer acquisition and online engagement.

Monsoon was founded in 2001 by software visionary, Sandeep Sood. Popular on the speaking circuit, Sood has worked with startups and Fortune 500 companies to create and develop products that are applicable to a variety of industries. Sandeep has worked with companies such as HP, Cisco, Novartis, the Academy Awards and the NBA to help bring their visions to life and onto people’s devices.

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