Pirate Media Group Screens Two Local Films with Socially Relevant Messages

"Tapestry of Shadows" and "Bedlam Street" are two award-winning films that are screening September 26-28 at the MX Movies theatre in downtown St. Louis.

St. Louis, MO, September 25, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Long before Ferguson, there was Tapestry and Bedlam, and the cautionary but hopeful tales they tell mean more now than ever. "Tapestry of Shadows" and "Bedlam Street" are two award-winning films that are screening September 26-28 at the MX Movies theatre in downtown St. Louis.

These films are more resonant now than when they were made, featuring socially relevant issues about crime, poverty, race, religion and family.

"Bedlam Street" follows the lives of several people in the inner city. Julie Layton, who plays 'Caitlin' in the film, says “If there was sentence to sum it up, it would be ‘live a day in someone else’s shoes’.”

“I think it has to do with having the strength of a strong family,” says Vinay Kamat, a local doctor at BJC, who along with his family star in this film as owners of a convenience store. “Each of the characters has a family connection or a lack of family connection.”

“From the first frame, to the last there’s not an inauthentic moment to be found… Astonishing,” says Jim Uhls, screenwriter for Fight Club when he watched Bedlam Street.

"Tapestry of Shadows" is about a minister who witnesses a little girl killed in a drive-by shooting, and that prompts him to more to stop the violence in his neighborhood. Writer/Director David Martyn Conley describes it as “a movie about having the strength of your convictions and about doing what you feel is your purpose even when everybody and everything around you tells you that you shouldn’t.”

“I think the message of the movie is one of Hope,” says Producer Joe Farmer. “In the end, it comes out to be that you can rise up. You can effect change in your community, in your neighborhood, and in your own life, and by doing that, it can save people.”

“The thing that is important about both these films is that they both deal with relevant social issues in any city, in any town, worldwide really, no even just in the U.S.” says Conley, who also stars in both films. “Both movies speak to the thing that says you make a decision that you want to change your life, and then actively go out and try an do that, to actively make that change yourself.”

Both films will screen at the MX Movie on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Tickets are $12 and include both films and garage parking. Filmmakers and actors will be available for Q&A session after each film.

Both films will also have Online and DVD release later this year.

Gayle Gallagher and Wyatt Weed are award-winning filmmakers based in St. Charles, MO who founded Pirate Media Group, a local film distribution company helping to launch the distribution of these films as well as other quality independent films.

Filmmakers are available for interviews before and after the screenings.

Tickets are available at the MX Movies website and at the box-office at www.mxstlmovies.com.

For more information about these films, the trailer can be watched here: http://youtu.be/2zHkq31z554
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