Gulf Coast Educators Insurance Celebrates Life Insurance Awareness Month

Naples, Florida based insurance company offers free life insurance quotes to celebrate.

Naples, FL, September 25, 2014 --( September is Life Insurance Awareness Month and Gulf Coast Educators Insurance is celebrating this important event by providing free life insurance quotes to Florida residents. “Life Insurance is really important, but is typically overlooked by consumers except when faced with big life changes such as having a baby, getting married or divorced, purchasing a house or retiring,” says Ron DeFreitas owner/operator of Gulf Coast Educators Insurance. “While it is important to remember life insurance during these times, it is probably even more important to remember to purchase life insurance at other times, that is why Life Insurance Awareness Month is a great reminder,” adds DeFreitas.

In the past, life insurance was typically viewed as burial insurance. Today, many individuals still treat it as such to help ease those financial burdens, but there are also other reasons to purchase life insurance. Other important reasons to purchase life insurance are to help pay the bills and meet ongoing living expenses of your loved ones, pay off outstanding debt (which can be inherited) from credit cards or a mortgage, continue a family business, finance a child’s education, and protect retirement plans.

According to LIMRA and LIFE Foundation, 86% of people say they haven’t bought life insurance because it is too expensive, yet they overestimate its true cost by more than 2x. “Life insurance is commonly thought to be more expensive than it actually is and so we simply recommend that Florida residents ask themselves who would suffer financially by their death, and how badly,” stresses DeFreitas.

Depending on the stage of life, and how much protection is needed, consumers can choose between permanent or term life insurance. And, as life changes, life insurance needs can also change so it is always a good idea to reevaluate your coverage. It may be necessary to change the type of insurance, or just add a new beneficiary.

Permanent or whole life insurance policies offer a lifetime of coverage. They combine a savings account and life insurance contract, which allow individuals to tap into the savings component known as “cash value” should the need arise. Term life insurance policies have no cash value and only cover individuals for a specific term, which can be anywhere from one year to twenty and more. If the death occurs during the term, beneficiaries receive a check, but if not, they are out the premiums.

Now is the perfect time for a life insurance check up. Gulf Coast Educators Insurance provides life insurance, auto insurance, property insurance, and other financial services for educators and non-educators in the Southwest Florida region. The experienced insurance agents at Gulf Coast Educators Insurance provide exceptional customer service at affordable rates. To get a free life insurance quote, Florida residents are encouraged to call one of the three locations at: (239) 591-0963 Naples, (941) 391-5423 Port Charlotte, and (239) 997-0420 Fort Myers or visit online at
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