Utopic Adds Key "Wipe" Functionality to Powerful Configuration Management Suite

Persystent Suite now includes erasure and data sanitization management for enterprises in concert with it's established imaging, recovery and patch management capabilities.

Tampa, FL, September 26, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Utopic Software, the leader in system lifecycle automation, unveiled a significant feature enhancement to its Persystent configuration management suite. The new addition ensures data sanitization on hard drives as part of an asset retirement or system restoration initiative.

Persystent, which currently facilitates restoration, recovery, imaging and patch/update migration capabilities in a single centralized solution, recently added “wipe” functionality to its suite in order to help larger enterprises fulfill compliance mandates related to data security and device control.

Industry standards, as described by the Department of Defense, ISO and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), encourage the erasure of data on a hard drive when a device is being decommissioned or re-imaged.

“When a computer is retired or recycled, the hard disk may contain sensitive information,” said Utopic Software CTO Ken Miller. “Persystent quickly and seamlessly prevents that data hiding in proverbial dark corners from being disclosed and appropriated by unauthorized users. We make a traditionally manual process easier, more secure and consistent across an enterprise.”

The new functionality uses an overwrite approach whereby the targeted data is replaced by zeroes, thereby rendering any previous data stored on the drive unreadable. Data erased by Persystent cannot be recovered with any existing technology.

According to Utopic Lead Engineer Dhaval Patel, the sanitization process typically takes about 10 seconds per gigabyte (GB) or less. A standard 256GB drive is sanitized in less than 40 minutes.

Apart from compliance use cases, the erasure capabilities also allow IT to better manage approved ideal images. An image is the configuration framework used to promote and manage an operating system and its various applications and processes. An “ideal image” is the current approved configuration used as the standard for all devices. It is typically part of the configuration and change management program.

Every time an update or fix is released, IT will update the approved ideal image and push it out to each device on the network. After a successfully tested update and reimaging of a device, old images must be retired. As each device has a copy of an image, each old image on each device must be permanently removed.

“Simple deletion or partitioning will not do. Companies need to take action that will leave no trace of the previous image on a device,” said Miller. "And by using an automated solution you not only save time and money, but extend the useful lifecycle of any device on a network.”

Persystent Suite is a comprehensive multi-feature system lifecycle automation solution. It combines and automates key administrative, security, compliance and help desk maintenance functions such as imaging, recovery/restoration and repair. It directly addresses and solves issues related to misconfigurations and re-imaging while enhancing patch rate success and enforcing regulatory compliance requirements. It does so using a proprietary intelligence that promotes “self-healing.”

For more information on Persystent Suite or to schedule a demo of enterprise scaled configuration and change management solutions visit Utopic at www.utopicsoftware.com or call 813.444.2231.
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