The Boy Who Wanted to be a Dancer Children's Book Released by Window Books

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Seattle, WA, November 01, 2007 --( Window Books is pleased to announce the release of Rod Gambassi’s children’s book, The Boy Who Wanted to be a Dancer. It is the first in the I Can Do It!TM Series from the author and Window Books.

The story of Bobby is about a boy who chooses to listen to his heart and not the taunts of other children. He discovers that he is able to inspire others to listen to their own hearts and follow their own dreams.

The hard cover, 22 page book features full color illustrations by illustrator Kelly Jackson Brownlee. Brownlee has worked as a freelance artist for national clients that include the A&E Channel, Microsoft, Priceline, Seattle Magazine, Harcourt Publishers, and many others. Her work has been published in textbooks, in magazines, and on children's clothing at Target.

“The Boy Who Wanted to be a Dancer is for children of all ages and races,” says Gambassi. “When Bobby’s teacher asks her class what everyone wants to be when they grow up, Bobby is the only boy in the class who proudly proclaims that he wants to be a dancer.”

“His classmates are skeptical,” Gambassi explains. “When Bobby goes home he asks his parents if it’s alright for a boy to be a dancer; he is met with definitive support for his love of dance. So much that they enroll him in a dance class.”

“What’s important about this book is the support the boy has from his parents,” Gambassi says. “Bobby’s brother, Johnny, however, is not on his brother’s side. He joins in with other kids at school who make fun of Bobby. When it is time for the dance recital at the end of Bobby’s class, there is trouble. One of the dancers is sick and a replacement is needed. It is then that Johnny comes forward, admits he loves to dance and has secretly watched Bobby dance and practiced on his own. The brothers join with the rest of the class for an exciting recital.”

“It’s a book about family, love and friendship,” Gambassi adds.

Window Books has published award-winning books since 1996.

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The Boy Who Wanted to be a Dancer
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ISBN 978-1-889829-18-0
22 full color pages/Hardcover


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