Antiquities Giftshop Offers Unusual Precious Metal Jewelry to Customers

Antique jewellery retailer sources unique ancient rings from private collections. Customers have a rare opportunity to own excellent examples of Egyptian and Byzantine craftsmanship.

London, United Kingdom, September 27, 2014 --( For more than 20 years, Antiquities Gift Shop has been sourcing and selling antique jewellery, both online and through mail order. Therefore it is not very often that the company is surprised by anything. However, the recent acquisition of some rare Egyptian and Byzantine gold rings from private collections has created a stir, both at the company and amongst its customers.

While some items or jewellery, such as bronze Celtic and Roman rings, are quite common, gold jewellery in good condition is not something that comes on the market very often. That’s because bronze and silver jewellery would have been produced in much greater quantities than gold, which would have been the preserve of the wealthy.

Sales Manager Jennifer Marina says:
"It’s not often that gold rings of this quality come on the market, because they are very rare, and over 2,500 years old. Due to the face that craftsmanship is so exquisite, once people acquire them, they tend to hand on to them, and pass them through the family. We are delighted to be able to offer several excellent examples of Egyptian and Byzantine craftsmanship to our customers. The pieces we have on sale have come to us from private collections.

"The rings are in excellent condition, and can be worn with pride, just as they were worn by their original owners. Whether you want an Egyptian scarab ring, or a beautiful Byzantine amethyst set in gold, you can be sure that as well as owning a beautiful piece of antique jewellery, you will be making a sound investment because these rings are so rare, they will appreciate in value over time."

Antiquities Giftshop sells genuine antique jewellery with free shipping worldwide. Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity, and is professionally cleaned by the company’s experts. The company is happy to source pieces for customers who cannot find what they are looking for on the website.

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