Marble Award Nominees Announced on Storytellers Campfire Radio Show

Storytellers Campfire will be announcing the Authors, Literary Works, Educational Books, Music, and Publisher, Award Nominees on Sunday, September 28, 2014 at 5:00 PM Pacific Time.

Bellevue, WA, September 28, 2014 --( Storytellers Campfire World Literacy and Educational Radio Program aired its first show in 2006. Their Mission is to teach history, preserve culture, honor tradition with literary artist of all genres, musicians, historians, professionals, educators, inspirational speakers, entertainers, and storytellers sharing and passing stories, knowledge and experiences from one generation to the next. At their campfire, they feature guests from all around the world who lend their voice and share what they have contributed in literature, music, history, and cultural education with a global audience.

Over the last eight years, they have reviewed an excess of ten thousand books. "We do not know the exact count but we know our submission library has been over ten thousand and we have close to seven thousand people on a waiting list to be on the show," commented Program Director Lady Selah SuJuris.

Storytellers Campfire Radio Show has aired thousands of Guests over the years and now wants to honor and distinguish some of the Guests who featured on the program. Storytellers Campfire is presenting Marble Awards to those who have dedicated themselves in their work beyond expectation and have shared their passion and commitment with the world. Many of the Nominees have exhibited a sincere desire to help others through their work and have been a source of inspiration to others.

The Nominees announced on Sundays show are still in a selection process phase. The final Award Winners announced, in February of 2015, receive their Award at an Award Presentation Ceremony in late spring next year.

The Awards are various designs made out of beautiful green marble. Some are geometric designs with accents and each Award engraved with the name and accomplishment of each recipient. Listeners can see some of the Marble Awards at or you can go to and click on the Marble Award Page.

The Nominees are being selected from Fiction, Non-Fiction, Teen, Young Reader, Children and Educational Books, Music CD's, Storytellers, Research Literary Work, Articles, Illustrators and Publishers all exhibiting exceptional work.

You can hear the program Live on i-Tunes, Blog Talk Radio, and collaborating Broadcasting Stations on Sunday and held in the archives until June of 2015. Listeners can dial the Studio line 310-982-4134 and listen to the show from their phones.

Most of the Nominees will be surprised since Storytellers Campfire Staff and the Review Committee kept the Marble Awards quiet until today to ensure a quality selection process and review. The Staff wishes all nominees the best and hope they feel honored to be nominated for the Marble Awards because all their work and dedication is sincerely appreciated. "We want to encourage everyone to keep perusing dreams and strive to let your passion shine through your work and the rewards will come; and a big Congratulations to all the Nominees," commented Lady Selah SuJuris.

Jose Contoocook
Canadian Writer
Storytellers Campfire
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