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InGenius Prep Partners with Bright Star Schools to Provide Support in the College Admissions Process

InGenius Prep, an admissions consulting company, launches partnership with Bright Star Schools, a Los Angeles-based tuition-free public school.

New Haven, CT, September 28, 2014 --( InGenius Prep, an admissions consulting company, is partnering with Bright Star Schools, a Los Angeles-based charter school, to help place low-income students into highly selective universities. In this pilot program, InGenius Prep will be working with twenty of Bright Star’s highest achieving students to provide them with mentorship and application counseling for this year’s college admissions process.

Without substantial financial resources, familial college experience, and community and social expectations to seek higher education, students from under-resourced neighborhoods are greatly disadvantaged. To combat this, Bright Star Schools strives to provide its students with rigorous academics and rich life experiences as they work to eliminate educational inequity in a tuition-free environment. According to Ari Engelberg, Bright Star’s Executive Director, their “students thrive academically and socially because our core operating principles, which include high expectations, attention to detail, clearly defined standards of accountability, and continuous improvement, provide a framework for success.”

Inspired by their goals, InGenius Prep’s President, Noah Greenfield, was quoted as saying, “We want to contribute to the Bright Star mission by providing access to our tools, knowledge-base, and admissions experts to help further advance the academic careers of its students.” At its launch, Engelberg stated, “Bright Star's partnership with InGenius Prep will ensure that our students have access to the best college opportunities possible.”

In this pilot program, InGenius Prep’s former admissions officers and graduate students from top-ranked schools will be working with students alongside their full-time college counseling staff throughout the college admissions process. As a team, they will work on all aspects of the application - from school choice to essays to letters of recommendation to interviews. By means of one-on-one counseling and webinars, Engelberg states that this team approach and support system will strive “to maximize each student's chances of admission to the college of their choice.”
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