Cat5e A/B Rotary Switch Has Cabled RJ45 Connectors for Custom Enclosures

Cranston, RI, October 03, 2014 --( Electro Standards Laboratories (ESL) adds Model 8084 RJ45 Cat5e A/B Rotary Switch to their line of RJ45 Network Switches. This single channel, manual switch allows the sharing of two devices on ports A and B, via one device connected to the Common port, featuring cabled RJ45’s for installation into any custom enclosure.

The Model 8084 Switch is comprised of three RJ45 female connectors soldered and labeled A, B, and COMMON each having 20 inch legs. The washer and nut for installing the switch is also provided on the Model 8084. Other components provided with the Model 8084 are a Knob, Blue/Black/Red Icons (1 of each) and an Allen Wrench. The Knob is Part Number 502241 and is to be installed on the rotary switch shaft to facilitate turning the switch. The Blue/Black/Red Icons show a “computer” image on one side and a “telephone” image on the other. These are used to secure the RJ45 connectors once installed in an enclosure. A 1/16” Allen Wrench, Part Number 507460 is also provided with the unit for installing the Knob.

The Model 8084 is also certified for Cat 5e compliance and all switch ports are transparent to all data. All 8 pins of the RJ45 interface are switched via break-before-make rotary switch. No power is required for operation.

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Tina Corticelli