HAGA Seed Experts to Research Optimum Survival Seeds Packs

Carson City, NV, October 04, 2014 --(PR.com)-- A spokesman for Home and Garden America revealed, today, that the company is doing research into the needs of Doomsday Preppers to see what assortment of survival seeds would be the most beneficial to a person who has survived a disaster and is now reliant on growing the bulk of their own food. The amount of time it will take to gather this information has not been determined, as of this time, so no announcement has been made as to the date of the release of a report.

"Our research on this matter was taken up a few months ago so we're well along in the process and don't expect it to take a lot longer, but we know, from past experience, just how many things can crop up at the last minute so we're being cautiously optimistic about predicting the amount of them we have left on this project. We want to provide this information as a service to the public who may not be well enough informed as to their nutritional needs when relying on their own gardening efforts to supply most or all of their food," he explained.

"We have had a very well received heirloom survival seeds pack in the past which was designed as a supplement to the seeds that most people buy in bulk. Corn, beans and peas along with some fruits and herbs are normally bought separately from a vegetable seeds pack but many people didn't realize that they would need these other things, along with our 50 Varieties Heirloom Seeds Pack so we're looking at just what should be put into an all inclusive survival gardeners package," he went on.

A recent purchaser of the 50 Varieties Pack said "I've had my heritage seeds pack for almost a month and I really am impressed at the speed with which these seeds sprout and the healthy looking plants that are beginning to grow. At first, I almost bought another, more expensive product, because it was advertised as coming with a 'seed vault.' It looked great but I think it's just a tin can.

"After reading up on the best type of container for heritage seeds, I found that a metal can isn't a good way to store your survival seeds and that a glass container makes a much better vault for short term or long term storage. Wow, am I glad I didn't pay the extra money and was able to get a lot more seeds."

Along with the research on the proper types of seeds to include in the survival seeds pack, the company has researched their packaging materials to insure the best results for their customers.

Chuck Harmon enjoys writing consumer information material on a wide range of products and his work in the gardening arena is no exception. His interest in heirloom seeds came about from trying to find growing his own vegetables for his own family.
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