www.Escape-To-The-Seventies.com Launch New 70s Fancy Dress Page to Their Seventies Decade's Oriented Business Model

Website www.Escape-To-The-Seventies.com is launching a new 70s costumes page on their website due to the requests of several people about the subject.

London, United Kingdom, October 31, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Escape-To-The-Seventies.com is launching a new 70s costumes page on their website due to the requests of several people about the subject.

Escape to the seventies is not a regular website. It's a site that is focused on an era that for most people was one of the most exciting and open minded decades of our times. One of the main factors to remember is that there were several political factors and constant developments of the youth generation as opposed to the previous decades.

If we counted the number of characters that created an impact in the seventies we could almost unequivocally say that the list would be larger than the last 3 decades combined. Rennie Hand, Director of Escape to the seventies explains "The 70s was a decade that had a deep impact on my life. I molded my personality with idols at that time like John Travolta, John Lennon and Clint Eastwood. There are several other reasons why I consider that the seventies had a significant impact in the way how we live today".

One of the ways that the site is trying to bring back those memories is to offer their current and new customers the option of accessing one of the biggest selection of 70s costumes.

When asked what was the meaning of a 70s fancy dress for him, Rennie replied " a seventies fancy dress is a way to express the character of one of the most exciting times of the history of the world".

The website is in constant expansion; all their pages are focused on the 70s, but one of the biggest growing areas of the business is the 70s costumes pages.

Halloween is just around the corner and the site hopes to give their visitors the best and widest selection of 70s fancy dress.

If you want to get back to the 70s and remember those characters, you only need to visit their website:


Escape To The Seventies
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