An Extraordinary Mind Mapping Web Experience - iMindQ Online

Seavus, the company behind iMindQ, the premier mind mapping solution, is pleased to uncover the demo version of its web application, iMindQ Online.

Malmo, Sweden, October 02, 2014 --( iMindQ Online aims to provide every user the chance to experience mind mapping on different platforms. This web application offers a minimalistic user interface, by holding a greater focus on the working space and user’s freedom to express creativity and enjoy an enticing mind mapping experience.

This web application brings closer the customization and creation of organic mind maps and turns to a more clean-cut design of the side menu, where the user can find a useful set of tools and a variety of choices of mind maps templates and mind map parts.

In iMindQ Online, users can present a mind map with a single click and what is moreover utilize several customizable options within the presentation mode that contribute to the overall mind mapping experience.

Also in the full version of iMindQ Online, users can save mind maps on some of the most popular and widely used cloud storages, such as: Google Drive, SkyDrive, DropBox, Box and Yandex.Disk.

Very soon users will have the option to choose from several subscription plans, based on their needs and requirements.

The demo version can be accessed on the following link:

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If you would like to receive further information on iMindQ or schedule an interview, please contact:
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To try the app, go to:
Zoran Trajkovski
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