Murphy Plastic Surgery the First in Reno, Nevada to Offer PicoSure Tattoo Removal

Reno, Nevada-based cosmetic surgery experts, Murphy Plastic Surgery are now offering the PicoSure tattoo removal treatment.

Reno, NV, October 11, 2014 --( PicoSure tattoo removal uses an innovative picosecond aesthetic laser to deliver short energy burst that completely remove tattoo ink from skin. Murphy Plastic Surgery is the first clinic in Reno, Nevada to offer this cutting-edge tattoo removal service to clinic patients across the region.

Tattoo removal is a growing industry across the United States. With many American adults realizing that they don’t feel the same way about their tattoos as they once did, tattoo removal technology is helping many to revitalize their bodies and achieve a long-term solution to their body image problem. But it’s important that Americans select the ideal tattoo removal specialist for their unique requirements. It’s the reason that many in Reno, Nevada and across the area are now working with the experts at Murphy Plastic Surgery.

The Murphy Plastic Surgery team’s PicoSure system is designed to assure a greater overall result than other treatments on the market team. While traditional removal systems use heat to achieve a photo-thermal reaction that heats the pigment and the surrounding skin, PicoSure is designed to be ultra-safe and won’t affect other skin areas. The system works using a patented PressureWave to disrupt the target tattoo without injuring the surrounding skin. Because the PressureWave shatters the target ink into tiny particles, patients require fewer treatments than they would when using other less effective technology. It’s a system built for maximum efficiency and minimal side-effects. One of the leading reasons so many patients are now searching for the PicoSure tattoo removal system is that it can help remove stubborn blue or black ink tattoos that are difficult or impossible to remove using other systems. Effective tattoo removal treatment is now available for all challenging removal cases!

To learn more about the PicoSure system, now available through Murphy Plastic Surgery, please contact the offices of Dr. Murphy today for a comprehensive consultation or visit Dr. Murphy can help all patients decide on the best treatment process for their unique tattoo removal requirements.
Tracy Murphy