Survey Pinpoints Top Priorities for Converting Millennials This Holiday Season

Instart Logic revealed results from its first-ever “Feet on the Street” survey on mobile shopping where the company interviewed Millennial shoppers to uncover new insights and help retailers set priorities in their mobile commerce programs as the holiday shopping season approaches.

Mountain View, CA, October 19, 2014 --( Instart Logic, provider of the Cloud Application Delivery Service for performance-obsessed organizations, today revealed results from its first-ever “Feet on the Street” survey on mobile shopping. At downtown San Francisco’s No. 1 shopping destination, Union Square, the company interviewed Millennial shoppers to uncover new insights and help retailers set priorities in their mobile commerce programs as the holiday shopping season approaches.

Is This Really an App Revolution? Not in Mobile Shopping, Not This Year
Given the proliferation of mobile applications in retail, the survey’s surprise finding is that most respondents prefer browser-based shopping over the apps. Fifty-seven percent of Millennials are more inclined to make a mobile purchase within the browser versus 43 percent who favor an app.

Images are Indispensable to their Mobile Shopping
Visual information and image quality directly impact shoppers’ research and decision to purchase. 55 percent of Millennials cite pictures and visuals as the element of the shopping experience they could not live without, when shopping on a mobile device.

Some gender-based differences were apparent. Millennial females demand more visuals than males, with 72 percent relying most heavily on photos and images compared with just 50 percent of males. 38 percent of Millennial men said they couldn’t live without product descriptions and reviews, versus just 17 percent of women.

Fast Response Times: Bounce or Buy in Two Seconds, for Many
High-quality visuals are crucial to buying, but only if the customer gets to see them. Failure of photos and other visual content to load quickly was the most frequently-cited reason for abandoning a mobile shopping site. About one in five said they would only wait two seconds for a mobile shopping site to load, and 68 percent would wait no longer than five seconds.

Two Key Wireless Shopping Arenas: Home Is Where the Wallet Is, But On-the-Go Cannot Be Ignored
The survey delved into where shoppers physically are when they use mobile devices to shop and found two primary “wireless shopping arenas”:

Home and work, where Wi-Fi is highly dependable and usually adequate for the number of users, is the favored “wireless shopping arena.” Two-thirds of Millennials prefer to conduct mobile shopping at home, with a small fraction shopping while at work locations. Among Millennial women overall, 71 percent are usually at home or work when they shop on a mobile device.

On-the-go (in transit, in a store, or waiting on a line), where unpredictable reliability and competition from other users for bandwidth on 3G, 4G or public Wi-Fi may limit performance, is favored more among Millennial men (41 percent) rather than women (23 percent).

Why Retailers Should Care
The survey makes clear that Millennials require fast performance in their mobile shopping. The findings indicate that it is imperative for retailers to:

Ensure fast performance on the mobile browser, or the holiday season could be over in two seconds. Retailers might consider shifting investment from app development to optimizing faster page loads for their mobile sites.

Deliver fast performance along with compelling visual content in both of the principal mobile commerce wireless arenas: home, work and on-the-go. The legacy content delivery networks (CDNs) struggle with highly personalized, dynamic content even in the home arena — but are significantly more challenged to deliver pages fast enough in the 3G, 4G, public WiFi arena.

Instart Logic’s Cloud Application Delivery Service is an end-to-end solution that handles infinite device diversity, wireless network congestion and wide performance variability in the last mile. The first software-defined application delivery (SDAD) offering on the market, Instart Logic enables ultra-fast performance, control and extensibility required by companies in e-commerce, media and SaaS that are serious about application performance and dedicated to innovative application delivery.

“These survey results very clearly indicate that the mobile customer experience will greatly influence the success or failure of retail brands with Millennials,” said Manav Mital, CEO, Instart Logic. “Millennials insist on fast performance on every device and wireless connection they choose. It makes the difference between bounce and buy. There is still enough time left for retailers to evaluate and install new web delivery technology and ensure the performance that gets the Millennial customer.”

Instart Logic’s “Feet on the Street” Survey Methodology
Direct from Union Square San Francisco situated between Forever 21, Macy’s, Victoria’s Secret and other hot retailers, Instart Logic’s “Feet on the Street” survey polled Millennials. Questions were developed by Instart Logic and the survey was aggregated through SurveyMonkey.
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