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MoBiTec, Germany, and Amoy Diagnostics, China, Sign Distribution Agreement for the German Market

MoBiTec GmbH, Germany, focused on selling products for life science and IVD research, has entered into a distribution agreement with Amoy Diagnostics, China. Together with AmoyDx, MoBiTec will continue to expand its portfolio of premier brands.

Goettingen, Germany, October 19, 2014 --( Amoy Diagnostics provides state-of-the-art molecular diagnostic products and services to healthcare providers, academic institutions, and pharmaceutical companies. The company has a rich portfolio of tests that focuses on detecting mutations and measuring gene expression in FFPE cancer tissue.

The assays are based on a proprietary real-time PCR technology called “ADx-ARMS.” They have outstanding sensitivity (1%) and accuracy (99%). EGFR, KRAS, BRAF, PIK3CA and EML4-ALK tests have received both CE declarations for marketing in Europe and SFDA approval for clinical use in China, ROS1 and ERCC1 assays are CE marked for IVD use in Europe.

The assays are designed and tested in an ISO-13485 certified laboratory and assembled in a dedicated GMP-compliant manufacturing plant. In addition to the EGFR, KRAS and BRAF tests, the company has kits for detecting mutations in JAK2, KIT, BCR-ABL, PIK3CA, EML4-ALK, P53 and the RET oncogene. Quantitative gene expression assays for excision repair (ERCC1), thymidine phosphorylase (TYMP), stathmin (STMN1), ribonucleotide reductase (RRM1) and other genes provide valuable information to help predict chemotherapy responses.

The assays are easy to perform, provide results in 90 minutes, and have been validated on several PCR instruments that are commonly used in diagnostic laboratories.

AmoyDx supplies EGFR tests to AstraZeneca in China. Amoy Diagnostics and AstraZeneca work closely together to foster the growth of molecular diagnostic testing for lung cancer patients in mainland China.

AmoyDx also supplies ROS1 tests for pivotal clinical trial of Pfizer´s crizotinib in China, Korea and Japan.

Located in beautiful Xiamen, China, Amoy Diagnostics is a privately held, well-financed company with a rich and growing pipeline of molecular diagnostic products. Our mission is to be a leading global supplier of high quality diagnostic products.

Amoy Diagnostics accomplishes this mission by:

1. Adhering to the strictest manufacturing standards to provide quality products at competitive prices.
2. Maintaining an unsurpassed level of customer service and satisfaction.
3. Pursuing scientific innovation as we provide our customers with practical leading-edge technologies and value-added products.
4. Creating a world-class organization that contributes positively to the lives of its employees and customers, and the scientific community.

Note: The EGFR, KRAS, BRAF, PIK3CA and EML4-ALK and ROS1 tests are approved for clinical use in China and are CE marked for IVD use in Europe. ROS1 and ERCC1 assays are CE marked for IVD use in Europe. Any other use of the assays is for research purposes only.

MoBiTec is proud to be representing Amoy Diagnostics in Germany!

About MoBiTec GmbH

MoBiTec GmbH (Goettingen, Germany) is a privately held company (founded in 1987) that offers research tools for molecular and cell biology. Products include DNA vectors for cloning and expression, cell transfection reagents and cell culture tools, immobilized and soluble enzymes, products for genomics and proteomics research, numerous antibodies and recombinant proteins, superior fluorescence reagents and kits, affinity chromatography products, as well as general laboratory equipment.

In parallel to its own product lines, MoBiTec distributes products from international companies in Germany. MoBiTec products are distributed worldwide, in Germany from their home office, in other countries by distributors.
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