Movie Geeks United! Podcast Welcomes Director Brian De Palma

Los Angeles, CA, November 03, 2007 --( Movie Geeks United!, a movie-themed talk radio program available for free on the internet and iTunes, has secured a slate of remarkable cinematic talents throughout the month of November, including a special segment with master filmmaker Brian De Palma.

“The Movie Geeks and our family of loyal listeners are honored to welcome Mr. De Palma to our program on Wednesday, November 7 at 10pm EST,” says Jamey DuVall, writer, producer and co-host of Movie Geeks United!. “He is truly one of the great cinematic geniuses of our time.”

The segment will revolve around Mr. De Palma’s latest effort ‘Redacted’, an Iraq-inspired pseudo-documentary that has inspired a firestorm of impassioned discussion and debate.

Additional guests appearing throughout the month of November include:

Mark Bosko, author of ‘The Complete Independent Movie Marketing Handbook’.
Mr. Bosko has been promoting and distributing independent feature films for more than 10 years. In addition to performing virtually every job in film production, he has also worked professionally in public relations, marketing and magazine publishing. (Sunday, November 4 at 6pm EST live, anytime on replay)

Following Brian De Palma’s interview segment on Wednesday, November 7, from the phenomenally popular blog site ‘The House Next Door’, contributor Keith Uhlich will revisit the program to discuss criminally underrated films. During this same show, the Movie Geeks will discuss the documentary ‘Midnight Movies: From the Margins to the Mainstream” with the film’s writer/director Stuart Samuels. (Wednesday, November 7 at 10pm EST, anytime on replay)

On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, writer/producer Michael Grais will join the show to discuss the enduring legacy of the 1982 classic ‘Poltergeist’. Mr. Grais also scripted and produced the second film in the series. (Sunday, November 11 at 6pm EST, anytime on replay)

On Wednesday, November 14, the Movie Geeks welcome Oscar nominated composer Mark Isham, whose new work can be heard in this season’s ‘Lions for Lambs’, ‘In the Valley of Elah’, ‘Reservation Road’ and ‘The Mist’. (Wednesday, November 14 at 10pm EST, anytime on replay)

Internet users may listen to the show live or anytime on replay by visiting They may call into the show at 718-508-9477 if they have questions for the guests during live broadcasts, or even log onto the chat room to converse with other movie lovers. They can also subscribe to the podcast for free via iTunes, where they can download additional show content, including recent interviews with Oscar-winning composer Howard Shore, actor Joe Pantoliano, ‘SAW IV’ star Lyriq Bent and ‘Saturday Night Fever’ director John Badham, 2-hour tributes to directors Brian De Palma and David Lynch and actor Al Pacino, a reunion of “The Blair Witch Project” filmmakers and co-star, an exclusive interview with “Valkyrie” editor John Ottman from the film’s Berlin location, a retrospective on the 1974 classic ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ and a tribute to Stanley Kubrick’s ‘Eyes Wide Shut’.

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