Limited Edition Rare Vicuña Sweater Now Offered at Art Imig’s of Kohler

Limited Edition Rare Vicuña Sweater Now Offered at Art Imig’s of Kohler
Kohler, WI, October 23, 2014 --( Art Imig’s of Kohler announces a limited edition sweater knit of Vicuña, the world’s most expensive yarn. St. Croix Collections is showcasing the luxurious vicuña sweaters at select retailers throughout the United States and Art Imig’s of Kohler is among the very few to offer this rare garment by special order for the Fall 2014 season. Only 100 of the sweaters will be available in the United States (valued at $3,500), along with 100 vicuña scarves, (valued at $1,750).

“We are honored to share the legacy of this valuable fiber with our community,” states Jake Toman, owner of Art Imig’s of Kohler. “It is rare opportunity to present these prized knits, and we’re proud to present them on behalf of St. Croix Collections at Art Imig’s.”

Vicuña yarn is the softest and rarest in the world, and is spun from select fiber collected every other year from the Peruvian cousin of the alpaca. The animals only live at altitudes above 13,000 feet high in the steppes of the Andes Mountains in small herds carefully managed by native tribes. It is only in the last decades that the vicuña has been rescued from extinction through concerted efforts of the Peruvian government and the Andean people. Eighty percent of the world’s vicuña populations live in Peru within large nature preserves, where the strictest regulations are applied for its protection and where the Andean communities take great care of the free-roaming herds.

The fleece — called the Magic Golden Fleece of Peru — is gathered in a celebration ritual of the Chaccu, a centuries-old ceremony of serenely surrounding, capturing and shearing the vicuñas, then setting them free. A single vicuña produces only a pound of fleece every year. The coarse guard hair that grows naturally among the soft fur is removed by hand in an ancient technique, and the delicate fibers are then hand washed and air-dried to preserve the extraordinary qualities of the soft fiber. Sophisticated technologies are utilized to spin the fiber into a delicate yarn of optimum characteristics, which is knit to produce lightweight garments of indescribable plushness and warmth. The fiber is left in its natural golden-tan color, as it is sensitive to chemical dye processing. Vicuña fiber is considerably finer than even the highest grade Mongolian cashmere.

Every vicuña sweater and scarf is numbered and registered with the Peruvian Ministry of Agriculture, complete with a certificate of authenticity, and is only available through Store Name and St. Croix Collections. Each arrives gift-boxed in an elegant wooden case accompanied by a book detailing the picturesque land and the legend of the vicuña.

For over 50 years, Knitcraft Corporation — maker of the exclusive St. Croix Collections — has been recognized for the highest quality men’s knitwear and outerwear in the world. St. Croix produces the world’s finest sweaters, knits and jackets in Winona, Minnesota, using the highest quality raw materials from around the globe. A fully coordinated line of fine sport shirts, premium denim jeans, casual pants, lightweight lambskin leathers and hosiery crafted by Europe’s leading manufacturers complements the knitwear collection. All St. Croix apparel is produced in limited quantities of each design to ensure exclusivity.

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Official PDF Press Release

Official PDF Press Release

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