Singer Songwriter Diana Mera Releases #Sobreviviente Music Video and Humanitarian Project

Miami, FL, October 24, 2014 --( Sobreviviente is Diana’s most biographical and intimate song, the video was made with women from all over the world who dared to share their story and make their voice be heard through its lyrics.

Diana Mera world premieres #Sobreviviente video clip, behind the scenes, and club remix.

“#Sobreviviente” as a single, video clip and human campaign was born from a wonderful dance that little girls in Bolivia did with Diana’s song Sobreviviente.

“I was living in México City last year when a friend of mine sent me a clip from YouTube and I saw the girls dressed in white dancing to my song; that day I understood that I was not ready for a new album and a beautiful responsibility came to me, revive Sobreviviente and make it a Project that will give visibility to survivors like me to help current victims,” Mera said. Universal Music Group previously distributed the song but it was never picked as a single and now it will be released under Alcamay Entertainment, with a remix by DJ Carlos G MX and will have global distribution.

“#Sobreviviente” directed by Soledad Herrada, has the participation of filmmaker Aymée Cruzalegui (behind the scenes) and the photographer AK Céspedes among other professionals of the industry.

“I was strongly marked by my absurd and difficult childhood after many years of abuse. This song helped me feel free and clean the last of my pain but it is now with the music video and campaign that I am healing the remaining wounds,” Diana added.

The lyrics of this inspiring song composed by Diana Mera and Dany Tomas can be identified with any story of survival of anyone in the world. About how after the horrors we can keep going forward, closing cycles and continue growing as people, professionals, artists etc.

For that reason, women from different nationalities that went through difficult experiences identified themselves with the #Sobreviviente message and got the courage to participate voluntarily in the video. No one was hired as an actor or model; they all posed with a sign that had a hash tag (#) saying the situation they overcame.

The shoot had the special appearance of the Grammy nominated Singer-songwriter Jessica Sarango, who also shared her survival story. “Meeting warriors and brave women is always an honor. It has been a rewarding experience to be part of the video," stated Sarango.

Sobreviviente is already in radios of Latin America and it’s part of the soundtrack of the movie Homebound, directed by Fanny Veliz. Diana Mera has chosen the best moment to promote it because she is in a very special phase of her personal and professional life.

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