Bark Busters Introduces New Dog Harness - WaggWalker

The WaggWalker dog harness by Bark Busters eliminates your dog walking you -- you can be in control.

Bark Busters Introduces New Dog Harness - WaggWalker
Escondido, CA, November 10, 2014 --( Tired of your dog walking you? Dragging you? Pulling you where they want to go? With the new WaggWalker®, dog walking communication harness from Bark Busters International, your dog will no longer lead you around by the leash.

“There are many dog harnesses on the market today, but none of which use the unparalleled technology of the WaggWalker®,” says Danny Wilson, CEO of Bark Busters International. “Other dog harnesses just depend on you yanking the dog in the direction you want him to go. Unfortunately, this is not educating the dog. The WaggWalker® emits a gentle, high pitched sound to get the dog’s attention, allowing you to communicate with your dog through repetitive conditioning.”

The WaggWalker® is simple to use and easy to adjust. It comes in six sizes to accommodate a range of dogs from a Jack Russell to a St. Bernard. All you need to do is measure the girth of your dog, using a flexible tape measure around your dog's chest just behind the back of your dog’s front legs, to determine the correct size. Prices range from $42 for the small to $66 for the double extra-large.

Wilson says, “Bark Busters is all about dog safety, so we have included a free Safety Clip to keep your dog safely by your side. The safety clip attaches the WaggWalker® to your dog's collar. Once the harness is properly fitted and placed on your dog, all you need to do is a quick 'Flick and Release' with your leash to let your dog know where you want them to walk. Through repetition, you’ll have your dog calmly and happily walking alongside you in no time versus becoming distracted and pulling you on a leash.”

The beauty of a dog harness is intended and designed to eliminate pressure from your dog’s neck, unlike a collar that, if not used or fitted properly, can cause him to choke or hurt his trachea. A dog harness encourages your dog to match your direction and pace. The WaggWalker® has been tested on hundreds of dogs around the world … the dogs find the flexible fabric to be comfortable, too.

The WaggWalker® was developed by Bark Busters International, the world's largest dog training company. The dog training methods developed by Danny and Sylvia Wilson, the founders of the company, have successfully trained more than one million dogs worldwide since 1989. Learn more about Bark Busters at

Please visit to see some amazing "before and after" videos of dog owners using the WaggWalker® with their best friend.
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