Pawfriendly Landscapes, Inc.
Pawfriendly Landscapes, Inc.

Elizabeth Bublitz, Owner of Pawfriendly Landscapes, in Golden, Colorado Has Written a Book Titled, "Pawfriendly Landscapes," Due to be Released in December 2007

Pet owners can have a nice backyard despite their four legged friends. "Pawfriendly Landscapes - How to Share Your Turf with Your Backyard Barney" is a book for do-it-yourselfers. It'll be published by Lifevest Publishing and is due to be released in December, 2007.

Golden, CO, November 04, 2007 --( Elizabeth Bublitz, the owner of Pawfriendly Landscapes, has written a book that will be released on December 1, 2007. The book, "Pawfriendly Landscapes - How to Share Your Turf with Your Backyard Barney," tells pet owners how they can have a nice backyard despite their four footed friends. Some of the proceeds will be going to Good Samaritan Pet Agency.

You love your pet but you also like having an attractive backyard. It’s no secret that pets can be destructive to landscaping. Pawfriendly Landscapes: How to Share The Turf When Your Backyard Belongs to Barney by Elizabeth Bublitz tells you how to create a pet-friendly yard. Bublitz, a professional landscaper, and devoted animal lover, aims to strike a balance between an attractive backyard for the human owners, and a yard where Barney the dog can be safe and happy.

“Most of my landscape clients would give their left kidney to their dog if the dog needed it. However, they’d also like to have a back yard that doesn’t look like a moonscape. This book is the result of years of finding the safest plants and building materials for pets and designing yards that harmonize with the animal’s instincts and behaviors and the humans’ needs for a nice yard for entertaining and play.”

Bublitz discusses landscaping strategies to discourage problem behaviors in pets such as digging and escaping from the yard, and gardening problems such as lawn burn from pet urine, and sod erosion due to pets trampling a path in the grass.

Veternarian Judith Spurling offers sidebar advice on pet behavior problems. John Kuepper of Cat-Man-Do offers expert advice on a cat-friendly yard and enclosures. Illustrations are done by Laurie Schilz of Aurora, Colorado.

A portion of the proceeds from this book will be donated to Good Samaritan Pet Center in Denver, CO. For additional information on Pawfriendly Landscapes contact Elizabeth Bublitz at (303) 797-6683 or visit

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