Americans Trade in Their Gas Cars for Eco-Friendly Low Speed Vehicles

Cities around the country are adopting the idea of using Golf Carts and Low Speed Vehicles in place of their traditional vehicles. Cruise Car, Inc. offers a full line of Low Speed Vehicles that can travel up to 40 miles per day on a single charge. Since the Department of Energy has concluded the average household only travels 30 miles per day, Low Speed Vehicles are going to continue to become more prevalent.

Sarasota, FL, November 06, 2014 --( Paddock Lake, Wisconsin voted Tuesday on a referendum to legalize the use of golf carts on their city streets as an alternative means of transportation. This grass roots movement in Paddock Lake is indicative of a greater national trend for American households to substitute their gas guzzling automobiles with eco-friendly Electric Low Speed Vehicles (LSVs).

LSVs are different from the standard golf cart and are able to operate on any state road where the speed limit does not exceed 35 mph. This is due to their added safety features like three-point seat belts, Department of Transportation certified windshields, a full light package, a slow moving vehicle emblem, and the ability to travel up to 25 mph. Cruise Car, Inc. offers a full line of LSVs which can be equipped with gas, electric, and even solar-electric power options.

“Cruise Car’s entire mission is to provide solar powered transportation where it makes sense — from the neighborhood family transport to entire fleets of low speed maintenance or utility vehicles,” says Ken Chester, President of Cruise Car, Inc.

A sweeping number of neighborhoods, communities and cities throughout America have already concluded that utilizing LSVs is an idea that makes sense for them, and the number continues to grow. The Pennsylvania General Assembly passed legislation in October to allow LSVs to travel on roads under 35 mph. Winston-Salem, NC is currently deliberating on this issue to help de-clutter their downtown streets.

Switching from an automobile to a LSV is a trend that is quietly sweeping the nation because the potential to save thousands of dollars annually is starting to make sense to the American people. The US Department of Energy recently determined the average American household vehicle travels just under 30 miles per day. Cruise Car LSVs equipped with solar-electric canopies can travel up 40 miles per day on a single charge.

About Cruise Car:
Cruise Car, Inc. was founded during the rare moment when misfortune met a keen eye for opportunity and innovation. CEO and Founder, Ken Chester, was out for a round of golf one afternoon in 2005 only to have the battery in his golf cart run out of juice. "That's stupid," Chester thought, "Why don't they put solar panels on these things?"

And Cruise Car was born.

Today, Cruise Car Inc., the fastest growing premium Low Speed Vehicle manufacturer in North America has expanded its market from serving as a top provider to all US government organizations to now supplying major resorts, leading universities and multinational corporations worldwide.

With more than 35 years of American engineering and manufacturing experience, Cruise Car is the only company which specializes in fully customizable vehicles tailor made for each and every customer or department. The factory in Florida has built vehicles for thousands of customers throughout North America / Caribbean and continues to produce at full capacity.

Specialties include complete vehicle customization, solar powered capabilities, aluminum fabrication, electric and gas powered drive systems, tugs & trailers, and global customer support. References are readily available and conversations to determine the customer’s exact needs are always welcome.

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