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Carrie Lane Recently Released a New Video Cover of Taylor Swift’s “Welcome To New York”!

New York, NY, November 06, 2014 --( As Carrie Lane puts it: “When 1989 was released, I knew immediately that I wanted to cover one of the songs. Taylor Swift has been a major inspiration to me as soon as I started branding myself as an artist and I have been waiting for a song that I really identify with to cover by her. When I heard 'Welcome To New York,' I knew that was the song I wanted to sing. I had moved to New York City when I was 18 years old and the lyrics of Swift’s song truly captured how I felt adjusting to the city that never sleeps. The video was shot by James Mille of Irisism Photography where I spend a lot of time, in the village. We really had a lot of fun capturing the essence and fun of the city we get to call home.”

To watch the Carrie Lane cover, please go to:

About Carrie Lane:
"One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain." Famous words uttered by Bob Marley, also the words printed on the tee-shirt Carrie Lane insisted on wearing to her first day of Kindergarten. That was just the start.

Carrie Lane was born and raised in Montclair, NJ, just outside NYC. At the age of just 4-years old, she auditioned for, and won, the lead of Wendy in Peter Pan. On opening night, Carrie forgot her lines. When she finally found her words, her voice was so small, the audience could barely even hear her. For most, this experience would have resulted in a flood of tears. But, this was not the case for Carrie. The overwhelming joy of simply being on stage and performing dwarfed any negative feelings and in that moment, a star was born.

Beautiful on the inside as well as the outside, Carrie was sought after by MSA Modeling Agency and immediately offered a contract. Since then she has become the face of Bangz, recently winning a competition for the spa chain’s search for an individual making a difference in their community and who exemplifies the belief that beauty comes from within. The prize was a cash donation to the charity of the winner’s choice. Carrie donated the money to juvenile diabetes, a cause she is passionate about, as she herself suffers from the disease.

Carrie never saw her diagnosis as a struggle, but rather a source of strength and motivating factor to help others through her music. “If just one person likes my music and it helps them find clarity in some aspect of their life, I am satisfied.”

“My favorite thing to write about is the world through my eyes. Nobody views the world through the same lens that you do and therefore you will always have a unique story to tell. One that nobody else has ever heard before."

In 2013 Carrie started working with TMMA Entertainment. Her team consists of Executive Producers Jarrett Zellea and Jennifer Bernstein, as well as Producer Ron Geffen, and Recording Engineer and Sound Designer Daniel Plante. This team has worked on Grammy Award winning Records and Emmy Award winning Television Shows.

In 2014 Lane toured the NorthEast with her band, including Dan Traglia (Drummer, Musical Director) Vin Landolfi (Guitarist), and Dan Rufolo (Pianist). The celebrated team toured with Deleasa (Married To Jonas) and Reality Dance Tour which features YouTube sensations Taylor Caniff, Dillon Rupp, Aaron Carpenter, and Sammy Wilkinson. Lane continues to wow the community, walking on red carpets and supporting countless charities. She is currently working with Sound Affects to raise cancer awareness and will be performing in BidDaddy Entertainment's event on October 16th with Veronica Kole to raise awareness for Liver Cancer and Star Dog's event on October 19th to raise money for the homeless with Zach Matari, Jenna Rose, and many more. Carrie Lane continues to hone her craft in the studio and is set to debut her freshman EP later this year. Lane says of her writing experience, “The biggest hurdle I had to overcome in music is finding my voice and believing that I have one. I never thought I had a voice that anyone would want to hear until I found my inner confidence.” Just recently, Carrie Lane performed on Halloween in Nashville, TN!
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