The Northern Office Launches New Website for Optrimax International

Asia-based sales and online marketing agency, The Northern Office Innovative Marketing (TNO) recently launched a new website for Optrimax International.

Clark, Philippines, November 07, 2014 --( Asia-based sales and online marketing agency, The Northern Office Innovative Marketing (TNO) recently launched a new website for Optrimax International that will feature Best World Lifestyle (BWL)’s range of health and wellness products. The primary objectives of the site are to promote the range and to assist local market distributors.

The new website can be found at and it allows consumers and costumers to review comprehensive information about the different products that the company offers. The website will also introduce their products to targeted regional distributors who will drive the distribution and availability across the country in order to reach a wider customer base.

In conjunction with the dynamic local Optrimax team, TNO conceptualized and built the 5+ page business website with full e-Commerce capability and social media integration thereby allowing ordering and interaction between the company and its various commercial partners and consumers ensuring a constant flow of high quality information across all its communication channels/platforms.

The website also features a dedicated page for customers’ testimonials which provides reputation management for the client and increases customers’ confidence when purchasing their products.

According to John Joe Morgan, COO of The Northern Office, the website they built for Optrimax International features, for the first time, its new user-friendly interface that showcases the company’s innovative skill when it comes to design and functionality.

“We always want to make sure that we are listening to what our clients need most, and for Optrimax, we included an online storefront that allows shoppers to buy products either via a mobile device or desktop computer. We also assisted the client to set up online payments through the major credit/debit cards and selected remittance channels that will make their sales transactions easier”.

He added, “We have been doing this for almost a decade and I think one of the keys to our success in this kind of business is not only to introduce new technology to clients but to help them understand how to get the most out of it.”

The website also optimizes the customers’ viewing experience on multiple internet-enabled devices through its responsive design.

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