MEMA Pets Introduces ALU: a Modern, Easy to Use, High Quality Vegan Dog Collar

Richmond, CA, November 10, 2014 --( The ALU Collar is a modern dog collar that is easy to use, and made from high quality sustainable materials. The cleverly engineered buckle comes together with rare earth magnets and is mechanically held together. The ALU Collar is available on the MEMA Pets website: Customers are urged to subscribe to the mailing list on the MEMA pets website to be the first to know about sales and stay in the loop for future projects.

The hardware used for ALU is all aircraft grade aluminum that has been CNC machined, chamfered, and anodized in hard clear, clear or pink, resulting in a beautifully minimal unibody design. “ALU’s buckle comes together with rare earth magnets, contributing to our ease of use design. I have carefully engineered the buckle so that it is mechanically held together, metal to metal, the harder the dog pulls, the greater the clamping force gets,” stated Mehdi Malek, founder of MEMA pets. Watch how the buckle comes together on the company’s YouTube channel:

The webbing is handmade from natural renewable resources; such as Cork, which is waterproof, fire resistant, and mosquito repellent. The extraction method of Cork is 100% safe for the tree and only done once every nine years. Hemp is the other textile used due to its strength and durability. Hemp also gets softer the more the dog wears it, and is naturally resistant to mold and ultraviolet light. “We set out to make a modern looking, easy to use, high quality dog collar, that will last your dog’s lifetime, and we believe so strongly in the quality of ALU that we guarantee the collar for life,” says Patricia Ochoa, Co-founder of MEMA pets.
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