The Second International GS Summit Gathers Global Leaders in Telecommunications in St. Petersburg, Russia

St. Petersburg, Russia, November 13, 2014 --( On November 18, 2014 the city of St. Petersburg, Russia will host the GS Summit-2014, the second international Summit that brings together representatives of the leading global telecommunications companies. The event is arranged by the GS Group international investment and industry holding company. The Summit’s key topic will be “Content monetization and additional services.”

This year the GS Summit is dedicated to content monetization as a method of generating revenue in the context of market saturation and limited opportunities for subscriber base growth. Today, the ARPU growth is a primary concern for telecom operators, wherefore they introduce additional types of content offers for subscribers such as: subscriptions, paid services, etc. GS Summit-2014 will gather over 100 world industry experts of television broadcasting, including international and Russian content providers and providers of technological solutions, who consider the declared topic as one of the most important for them.

In the course of the Summit the discussion will embrace the issues of the future of television, features of the video content from various countries along with its digitalization, second screen usage and the introduction of HD television to hold positions in the Pay-TV market. The speakers of the GS Summit-2014 will include representatives of Russian and foreign companies such as Tricolor TV, Ericsson, Multi Channels Asia, Times Global Broadcasting Company Ltd, Cable Media Group Pakistan, MStar and others. On November 19, the second day of the Summit, a series of business meetings will take place where representatives of the leading telecommunications companies will discuss issues they are most interested in, share expertise and establish new contacts within a relaxed atmosphere.

During the Summit, global leaders in the field of telecommunications will have a unique opportunity to exchange experiences and ideas on broadcast development. GS Group experts suggest discussion on potential collaboration on global markets with every partner invited to the event.

"Today, every player in the telecommunications market is forced to work with an existing subscriber base to benefit by non-standard ways, not expansion. This includes focusing on video content monetization. We are willing to share our expertise, experience, plans and forecasts with our partners at GS Summit-2014. We intend to demonstrate viable and profitable case studies and show the benefits of cooperation with local partners to improve the profitability of broadcasting projects implemented at an international level," – Sergey Dolgopolskiy, GR, PR and IR Director, Foreign projects, GS Group.

The GS Summit-2014 is the second international summit in the field of telecommunications, which is arranged by the GS Group holding company. The first event was held in 2012 in the innovation cluster Technopolis GS in the Kaliningrad region, Russia where participants from more than 15 countries from Southeast Asia to South America attended a two-day Summit. Those meetings led to reached agreements on the implementation of joint operator projects in different parts of the world. This year the GS Summit organizers mark the increased number of registered participants, which indicates the interest of the professional community toward events of such format.
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