Hand Protection in Healthcare – It’s Gloves… But Not as We Know It

Manchester, United Kingdom, November 14, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Globus, the hand protection specialists with over two decades of experience has launched into the healthcare market with its specialist brand, HAIKA™.

HAIKA has come to market with an added-value offering which, in addition to a comprehensive range of hand protection products, will offer consultancy and advice ensuring the healthcare sector better understands their hand protection needs and how effective implementation and appropriate usage can actually help drive savings.

The healthcare sector is under increasing pressure to reduce its expenditure. The procurement of consumables by the NHS has, in particular, been under the spotlight with accusations of fragmented purchasing and variable pricing. Globus is confident that its offering can not only give better protection it can also genuinely reduce costs, without compromising on quality or service.

By offering a comprehensive range of gloves right across the healthcare spectrum, HAIKA is able to support diverse hand protection needs from intricate surgical procedures through to handling chemotherapy drugs. In addition to its extensive HAIKA portfolio Globus seeks to work in partnership with buyers conducting feasibility and usage assessments and then make recommendations based on the organisation’s needs. Globus believes that if the healthcare sector works in partnership with a hand protection supplier they will be able to make better informed purchasing decisions.

The assessment approach employed by Globus often uncovers opportunity for cost saving as well as ways in which staff can be better protected or provided with gloves which are fit for purpose. Hand protection policies can often be somewhat ambiguous leaving the individual unsure as to what they are meant to do, or wear.

Mark Websper, the Healthcare Divisional Manager for Globus said: “The number of items hospitals procure is extensive and gloves are often seen as relatively far down the food chain. However they are a vital piece of equipment. For healthcare professionals their hands are their livelihood and it is vital they have the correct tools with which to protect them. With the HAIKA range, Globus is keen to see the right emphasis placed on their procurement; we aim to achieve this by showing people how buying better and correct usage can pay dividends. For example, the fight against HAIs has motivated increased glove usage advice – but how do hospitals know which ones are right for the task and for the chemical being used? Have the effects of the chemical exposure from the cleaning fluids which are regularly used been considered? For nurses and other frontline staff this should be a question of paramount interest. Natural rubber latex gloves have an excellent physical barrier and have been widely used in the healthcare environment; however, they do not offer great protection against solvents. Globus can work with the relevant departments to conduct appropriate risk assessments to ensure staff members are using the right protective equipment whilst adhering to infection control procedures.”

Globus, the international company behind HAIKA, boasts an impressive track-record and portfolio of clients operating across the spectrum of industry, ranging from the rigours of heavy construction to the complexity of clean room and aerospace manufacturing and has extensive experience of working with major organisations in this way. Regardless of the task at hand, Globus applies the same level of time and attention in ensuring that the hand protection solution is the right one to deliver improvements in performance and safety. Regardless of whether people in healthcare are performing lifesaving surgery, mixing chemicals for oncology treatments or cleaning the wards the right protection is vital and necessary.

Mark Websper continues: “Where we excel is in understanding hand protection needs and then developing solutions which support those needs. Across the healthcare environment hands are doing the most amazing things every day and amazing hands deserve protection. We don’t just sell gloves. We sell hand protection. That is something very different. We have spent a great deal of time developing the HAIKA offering and are confident it is well differentiated and has the ability to make a genuine difference.”
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Sarah Roberts