A New Economy Based on Sharing and Collaboration Launches on Indiegogo

Aleksandr Tsukanov, founder and CEO introduced KOINBE on Indiegogo. The campaign is showcasing a new economy that is based on sharing. KOINBE was made to look like an app but was built as an economy that brings peer-to-peer sharing to a new level. With KOINBE you can share any physical object with your friends and community simply and conveniently.

Portland, OR, November 15, 2014 --(PR.com)-- KOINBE is a peer-to-peer item rental service; KOINBE provides the app and all the necessary information for people to start renting, selling or sharing their unused items, and for people to start renting items they will only use once, saving the user space and money. When an owner is not using their items (bike, drill, camera) they can list it on the KOINBE app. When the item is available and listed, the owner sets price, location and availability, then people are able to rent or share the item. KOINBE provides the platform to make these connections possible, as well as the safety and protection to make this transaction safe. KONIBE make the process of sharing, selling or renting simple and convenient for both parties.

The online peer-to-peer item sharing and lending industry is rather new. In some regions peer-to-peer sharing and lending is more advanced than others. The missions of KOINBE is to empower users to join the new economy based on sharing and collaboration and slowly move away from an economy based on consumption. As the world population grows, the sharing economy will become not just a feature/service but a necessity. As more and more people engage in peer-to-peer economy the more comfortable they become in sharing, renting and selling directly to each other the more sustainable and balance the world can become. KOINBE is is a social enterprise whose main mission it so solve the human need for resources. KOINBE believes that joy and happiness does not come from ownership and consumption but rather from sharing your time and resources with those close and dear to you. With that in mind KOINBE began their work in early 2014. They spoke at various entrepreneurship events such as Global Entrepreneurship Congress in Moscow, MercyCorp, Global Crowdfunding Summit in Vegas and so on. They want to spread the message of the next economy based on people not on consumers. KOINBE wants to set the foundation of the all-inclusive sharing economy and bring everyone to a more sustainable economy that is more fair, accessible and balanced then the current economic systems. Because of the sharing economy is still a new and developing trend and has been around a short amount of time, KOINBE would like to provide some statistics on the sharing economy and it’s future:

Forbes estimates “The revenue flowing through the share economy directly into people’s wallets will surpass $3.5 billion this year, with growth exceeding 25%.”

“There are 80 million power drills in America that are used an average of 13 minutes,” says Chesky. “Does everyone really need their own drill?” New York, July 2013

Car owners who rent their vehicles to others using RelayRides make an average of $250 a month; some make more than $1,000.

In 2008 Airbnb was book about one room a day, now in 2014 a room is book every 2 seconds, the growth in the sharing economy is exponential.

Founder of Yerdle announced to investors that "we have $5 to $6 trillion in potential inventory sitting in our houses right now."

Uber: As of September 16, 2014, the service was available in 45 countries and more than 100 cities worldwide, and was valued at more than US$15 billion.

In order to jump-start the true all inclusive sharing economy movement, the KOINBE Team has launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring awareness, discussion and support for the sharing economy. KOINBE is asking for your support and involvement in helping them build the sharing economy around the people instead of people’s wallets. If you are able to support and become a backer, supporter, partner, advisers, volunteers KOINBE is offering various incentives and way to offer their gratitude. Please check out their crowdfunding campaign and offer your support and above all spread the message and awareness through our your social channels. Crowdfunding period is limited, please act now and join the movement.

KOINBE is addressing a global issue: “How do we build a more balanced and inclusive economies?” KOINBE has been designed with convenience and function in every aspect. From its flawless, user-friendly design to its intelligent GPS and calendar functions, the application will seamlessly fit into consumer’s everyday life. KOINBE is a sharing economy in your pocket. With KOINBE you have access to what you need when you need it. No longer are you required to buy everything in order to use it. The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign gives a comprehensive look on the big idea and also explains exactly what it mean to you. For more information, visit: indiegogo.com/projects/koinbe

KOINBE chose crowdfunding to raise support and awareness because they believe crowdfunding is a remarkable way that allows everyone from anywhere to make their voice heard and their support count. Crowdfunding has been built to give ordinary people extraordinary voice and access to get big ideas off the ground and into the sky. While financial support is one of the pillars of crowdfunding it isn’t the only one. KOINBE understand that beyond financial support people can offer what matters even more is their input and backing of the idea, solution and organization. They ask that you support them in their mission to bring sharing economy to all the people.

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