KPC Group to Send Its Exploration Team for Talks on New Oil Discoveries in Saudi

KPC Group will be attending The 6th Saudi Arabia International Oil & Gas Exhibition (SAOGE) which opens on 2014 November 24. They will be holding talks on recent discoveries in The Eastern Province.

Manama, Bahrain, November 16, 2014 --( SAOGE is the leading oil & gas event for Saudi Arabia, it was launched in November 2008 as the premier event for the Oil & Gas Industry in Saudi Arabia. It was established to meet the requirement for the largest oil producing country in the world to host its own focused oil and gas show a service, which it continues to deliver to the industry.

SAOGE regularly sees great demand from global companies to participate and be at the heart of the industry. The Eastern Province provides the best access to business opportunities for the energy sector, covering more than 33% of Saudi Arabia’s total area; it is the largest province in the Kingdom and the perfect strategic gateway for international trade.

Saudi Arabia ranks as one of the world's 20 largest economies and is the largest economy in the MENA region. KPC Group will be discussing plans for significantly more investment in this region.

Activity in the world’s premier energy economy will develop rapidly as large-scale capital spending is applied to building new capacity and expansion of existing facilities.

The Arab Oil and Gas directory forecasts major new energy investments in Saudi Arabia, including:

Petrochemical Projects: US$90 billion
Power Generation: US$90 billion
Water Desalination Plans: US$88 billion
Natural Gas-Related Projects: US$50 billion

In addition to these direct energy-related investments, the Energy sector will be supported by an estimated US$140 billion in general infrastructure outlays including the Economic Cities and transport links.
KPC Group
Brian Henderson